Donate to the Underwear Affair AND enter a Giveaway!!

I’ve eluded to this contest in a few past posts, but I think with June approaching quickly, I’d like to officially start it!  As I’ve posted about a million times, my major running goal this spring is the Calgary Marathon… Well I’m also doing a 10 km “race” 6 days after the marathon.  I know that sounds crazy, and I can assure you that there won’t be any PR’s or PB’s coming out of this race, but it’s a good cause, and one I try to do every year, so once again I’m running it this year.  It is the Calgary Underwear Affair! 

I only do one fundraising race each year, I’m not a big high pressure, fundraiser type, so I typically pick races that I just pay the fee, and run, but this one is a tradition, it’s a great cause, and it’s a lot of fun.  Some history on how I started running this race:  Lori, my running partner ran it as one of her very first races, before we were really running partners.  Her Dad died from Colon cancer, so the cause was very close to her heart.  Lori put together a team of friends after that first year, and I’ve been happy to be a part of it ever since (except last year when I was just 3 days post-op).  Since then I’ve had an aunt and uncle pass away from cancer, and know the brutality of the disease.  This race specifically raises money for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, a leader in innovative cancer research and patient care, and it targets awareness of cancers below the waist.


So here is where you can get involved.  Firstly, if you’re in Calgary, you can participate in the race!  It is so much fun, everyone dresses up, and it has a great after party!  You can also donate to the cause.  My donation page is linked HERE.  AND for a little added incentive to donate, I’ve talked to some of my very favorite brands, and have some awesome prizes that I’m going to be drawing for.  The prizes are:

  1. A set of Knucklelights – I have a pair of these, and they are awesome.  They are super bright, and NOT annoying at all to carry.  If you run early in the morning or late at night, especially in the winter when it can be dark, these are a must have safety accessory.
  2. A $40 credit for BicBands – This is another company that I LOVE.  I have about a million of their headbands (ok maybe a dozen…), but they are cute, stay put, fit perfectly and did I mention that they’re cute?
  3. A tube of Nuun – I go through this stuff like crazy, I should probably have stocks in them!  The tablets are super convenient, just pop one into your water bottle, and it dissolves itself, they taste great and only have 6 calories.  If you ever get headaches after a tough run, I find that rehydrating with Nuun afterwards helps a lot.
  4. A SPIbelt – This is another product that I own and love.  My iPhone fits perfectly into it, and can’t even tell that it’s there once I start running.  Now that it’s summer and I’m not wearing a million layers and coats with pockets in them, my SPIbelt is going to be used more than ever!
  5. 110% Flat Out Compression Sox – I also own these socks, and they are great.  They are super compression-ey and I find that they help a lot with recovery after a hard training run.
  6. Another Mother Runner Prize Pack (including a book, magnet and bumper sticker) – These ladies are just plain awesome, they have inspired a whole TRIBE of ladies to run, and talk about running.  I love them and what they stand for!  Their books are also fantastic, I own both of them, and laughed out loud so many times while reading them, plus there is a wealth of running information in them.

Here are the rules, you can enter once per day until the contest closes on June 6th, to enter multiple days, just keep donating!  Each $20 donation gets you ONE entry.  You can also earn a few bonus entries by following myself and the prize donors on Twitter, those entries are just one and done type entries, and are only available AFTER you’ve donated once.  I’ll pick 5 random winners and announce them after the race.


Enter the contest via my Facebook page.  And HERE is the donation link again.

**disclaimer**  I’m not being compensated or rewarded for any of my opinions, they are just that, my opinions.  The contest is open to anyone in the US or Canada.  I do not personally supply any tax receipts but if you want one, you should be able to get one from the online donation page.

PS:  If anyone out there has more prizes they want to donate, I’m TOTALLY open to adding more awesome prizes! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Donate to the Underwear Affair AND enter a Giveaway!!

  1. This is a great cause Terry! I will admit I never used to pay much attention to what people were fundraising for until I did it myself for Run for Water. I was so humbled by who stepped up and donated everything from a couple dollars to more than I could imagine. Best of luck with your run and your fundraising!

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