The Boston buzz is giving me the racing bug!


LOVING Spring Running!!!

I warn you, this might be a rambly post.  I’m trying to figure out how my year is going to unfold.  All the buzz about the Boston marathon this weekend has got me excited, excited to race, and dreaming about one day being at the Boston Marathon!  I’m also just exited about how well my training is going, and how well my body is handling marathon training.  After my very first marathon cycle 9 years ago I really wondered if I was cut out for marathons.  I’ve learned so much since then, and am training so much smarter, and it’s really paying off.

So far this year I only have the Calgary Marathon on June 1st, and a fun trail race in August on my racing schedule.  The biggest question in my mind is whether I’m going to run a second marathon this year, and if I am, should it be before the Boston 2015 deadline of September 14th.  I ran the Seattle Marathon on Dec 1st, so will of had a 6 month spread between it and my spring marathon.  This has worked really well for me and I haven’t felt like I’ve rushed back into training, or like my body wasn’t ready for it.  If I race another in early September, that’s just 3 months between.  I’m trying to decide if that’s too close, if my body needs more of a break, or if I can launch from this cycle into another and keep feeling great.  I’m not going to make this decision until after this marathon, I feel like I need to get through this one, and see what my time is and how I feel during and after it.

I think I’ve started rehashing this decision in my mind partly because of the Boston Marathon being this weekend, but also because I’m trying to decide whether to race a local half that’s 5 weeks after my marathon.  I’ve been watching my friends races and am starting to get antsy for a race!  I am registered for the Police Half next weekend, but with 32 km’s (20 miles) on the schedule that day, it isn’t going to be a racing effort.  I haven’t raced a half since SeaWheeze last August, and I feel like I’m faster, and I feel like I didn’t race that one very well.  I’m excited to try to go out and race something close to my PR, and also thinking that if I can get a fast half under my belt this year, it might just give me the confidence to try to BQ in a full marathon.

As for this week, I’ve got a big week planned with the first hard workout tomorrow morning.  It’s a tempo run with 3 x 2 miles at tempo pace, and 14 km’s total.  I also have a massage scheduled at 9 am, so my goal is to be out the door by 6:30 at the latest.  Next Sunday will also be our first 20 miler of the year, with the last 21.1 km’s being the Police Half Marathon.  I’m excited to be in the racing atmosphere but a little sad that I’m not racing it.

How is your training going?  How many marathons do you do in a year?  Have you BQ’ed?


5 thoughts on “The Boston buzz is giving me the racing bug!

  1. I think you’re reading my mind. I only have the Calgary Marathon on my race calendar this year. Sigh. I want to qualify for Boston but my training has been so-so this year. (I blame winter ha ha). There’s no way I can run another marathon before Sept. 14. I am running an ultra 50K on Sept. 7 and Melissa’s 22K later in September. Guess I will have to try again next year or run in October.

    Sorry my comment is (also) rambling 🙂 I wish I could run before work. I have no problem getting up for 6 a.m. crossfit but it takes me a long time to get my butt moving for a run.

    I am antsy too for a race. I would do more but it’s so costly to drive, spent money on a hotel etc for short races.

    Anyway… Sorry my comment is (also) rambling 🙂 I just wanted to say I hear ya!

  2. I’m trying to figure out my races 2 years in advance for a BQ. Knowing I need to knock of nearly an hour means LOTS of training, but I also know it’s doable, seeing as I should have finished 25 minutes faster. *sigh*

    Balancing, life, training, racing and finances is challenging.

    I’m….considering racing the Police Half and saving the final 10k as a cooldown/shakeout after. I haven’t decided yet and it’ll probably be a race day decision that’s dependent upon the weather and how I feel…

  3. I hear ya! Boston always seems to put a little extra bounce in my step and thoughts in my mind. I think I’d have to hire a trainer if I want to hit the 3:35 mark to qualify. I’ve hit the 3:50 mark but an extra 15min when the pace is already quite quick seems like a stretch! One day. Maybe I’ll just wait 30 years to drop a couple age groups for qualifying times, haha.

    Sounds like you’re having a strong week and training cycle in general. I can’t wait to hear all about you kicking that PB in Calgary! Enjoy the weather this week and good luck at the Police Half… such a great race!

  4. You seem like you are so strong in the training!! I so admire that. I need to do so many things to every even make Boston a slight reality…so for now I admire and watch! Keep atter and you are soo getting there.

  5. finefettlefrets

    Good luck if you decide to try for a BQ Terry! That’s not on my radar right now as I’m focussing on distance over speed but I’d love to train hard and attempt it “some day.” 🙂

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