Freezer Meal Swap Night! AND a Giveaway :)

In the past I’ve done all my freezer meal creation on my own, but a couple friends and I have been talking for a while about getting together to do a meal swap.  Lindsay had her second baby last year and is due to head back to work in a week, so she was eager to get some meals in the freezer to get ready for the busyness of working full time and having two kiddo’s at home.  Laura is just a couple weeks from her due date with her second baby and is equally eager to get some meals in the freezer in anticipation of the craziness of having a newborn at home (plus her VERY active almost 2 year old).  We decided to each bring the ingredients for 4 meals (x 3 batches), which would be 36 meals in total (12 each to bring home).  Not only would we go home with 12 meals, but we’d get to try out some new recipes – WIN-WIN!

I had yesterday afternoon off work, so did all my shopping then, I bought just about everything I’d need for my 4 chosen meals other than a few spices or things I already had at home, and ended up spending just under $200 (if you assume you’re feeding a family of 4, that’s $4 a person per meal!) – that’s a pretty good value for 12 meals!  Buying in bulk is a great for a tight budget!

We met at Laura’s house around 6 pm and got to work right away.  It was a bit crazy to see all the supplies that were needed for all these meals!

photo 2



It was a TON of work, we worked for 3.5 hours or so to get the meals ready.  We had a few meals that required some pre cooking, which of course added to the prep time.  I think putting that bit of extra time is worth it for my family, just because I get tired of the zero cooking slow cooker meals, but it’s totally possible to do many meals that require zero pre cooking, and just need to be assembled.  At the end of the night we each went home with one of the following meals (We actually ran out of time, and didn’t go home with Shepherd’s pie, but will trade that one in a couple days):

  • beef meatloaf
  • brown sugar chicken
  • beef stroganoff
  • corn chowder
  • chicken/sausage gumbo
  • beef chili
  • lasagna
  • shepherd’s pie
  • Southwestern Pork Chili
  • Slow cooker Turkey meatloaf
  • broccoli quinoa chicken casserole
  • beef pot roast
photo 1
Here we are – 33 meals ready to go into the freezer!

Have you made freezer meals before?  Is the idea of making them a bit daunting?  I’ve got the perfect solution for you!!  My friend Kelly at New Leaf Wellness has an amazing book that is full of tips, recipes, and will give you all the tools that you need to do your own freezer meals; either with friends, or on your own. If you’re interested it’s an e-book, and you can pick up a copy of it here, OR even better than buying it would be winning it!! 🙂  If you’re interested in winning a copy of Kelly’s No Cook Freezer meal book, comment below telling me what your favorite comfort food is.

You can earn more entries by liking me and Kelly on twitter and facebook, so if you like @terrytoffelmire , @kellymcnelis , New Leaf Wellness and Terry Runs, leave an additional comment saying so!

I’ll do the draw on May 1st, so you have until April 30th at midnight to enter!  Good luck.

AND if you haven’t entered my other giveaway – head over here now, and enter it!



21 thoughts on “Freezer Meal Swap Night! AND a Giveaway :)

  1. Carly

    My favorite comfort food is Mexican food. I’m a sucker for spicy! But my ultimate comfort food is chicken Ramen noodles- gross I know!

  2. maligeikis

    Love Kelly’s blog is it’s very exciting to find another similar to hers! Following both Terry & Kelly on Twitter and Facebook!!!

  3. Pingback: Win a copy of my No Cook Freezer Meals cookbook - New Leaf Wellness

  4. Jodi

    My favorite comfort food is the chicken noodle soup that I make in my crockpot along with a good homemade Irish soda bread, everybody seems to love it and it always makes me feel good.

  5. My comfort food has always been mashed potatoes!
    I’ve liked New Leaf Wellness on Facebook and followed on twitter. Also following and liking your pages now 🙂

  6. Randi

    My comfort food is definitely Shepherd’s Pie, which I tend to make way too much of specifically to freeze for later! 😉

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