No Cook Freezer Meals Winner!! Plus a review and some tips…

Sorry I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday, but we have a winner of the e-book No Cook Freezer Meals!! The winner is: Carly!  I’ll get Kelly to email you with a copy of her book 🙂

I also wanted to use this post to do a review of Kelly’s book, and to share some of my own tips for making freezer meals. Kelly was one of my inspirations for starting to make and freeze meals (especially slow cooker meals). I’ve never met Kelly in person, but we’ve “known” each other for more than 4 years now! She’s a wellness coach and her website is She frequently posts awesome tips for busy moms on assembling meals, fitting in fitness, DIY projects, and lots more. I highly recommend following it, and her.

I was lucky enough to get a copy of her latest e-book, No Cook Freezer Meals, to look through before she released it and have tried a few recipes from it. Every recipe of Kelly’s that I’ve tried is delicious, and easy to put together. This book also has a wealth of information on how to go about freezing meals and prepping things ahead of time. If you want to try making freezer meals and are at all unsure, I highly recommend getting a copy of her book because it has all the information you need to jump in.

Here a few of my best tips:

  • I try to set aside a block of time every month or two to do a big batch of meals. When I think I’m going to have an afternoon or a few hours with only one of my girls, or even better, neither of them, I will plan that as my prep time.
  • I look for recipes that my family will enjoy, and also reuse recipes that we’ve enjoyed in the past. If you have a favorite family slow cooker meal, chances are it can be adapted to be a freezer meal. My family enjoys soups, stews, and meals made with beef, pork or ground meat in the slow cooker, so I focus on these. I’ve found that most vegi’s will freeze, and you can’t even tell once they are cooked. Generally I think to myself – ‘Can you buy this in the frozen vegi section at the grocery store?’ If you can, then chances are it’ll be fine frozen, and then cooked.
  • Once I have a list of meals I want to make (I aim for 4-5 recipes per afternoon of prep), I make a grocery list. I always try to do a double batch (or quadruple) of each recipe. Making multiples of a recipe saves time, and if it’s a meal your family loves, then there will be no issue in using it up. Plus you can save money buying in bulk at the grocery store. Make sure you have some large gallon size ziplocks on hand also.
  • I also will freeze casseroles to use later on. We aren’t eating as many of these right now because they need to be put in the oven for 45 mins to an hour before we eat dinner, and a lot of nights I’m not home until after 5:00 pm, and my girls are clamoring for supper. When I do make a casserole, I try to make two of the same, one for now, and one for later.

Last night we had Kelly’s Slow Cooker Cranberry pork for dinner. It’s super easy, with just a few ingredients, but it’s delicious. About a month ago I picked up two large pork roasts at the grocery store, and in about 20 minutes I cut each of them in half, and prepped 3 freezer meals, plus one meal for eating that week.


Another one of my favorite ideas that I got from Kelly is freezer burritos. I’ve been eating her breakfast burritos a couple times a week for a while now, she also has a lunch/dinner style burrito recipe in her No Cook Freezer Meals book. I had some taco meat leftover one night, so decided to make up a few burritos to freeze for easy dinners. It didn’t take long to assemble them all and wrap them up. Mine had taco meat, pureed avocado, re-fried beans, salsa, cheese and spinach in them, but you could put any toppings that you enjoy in.

photo 2photo 1

Kelly had generously offered a coupon code for any of my readers! You can order her book HERE: and use coupon code “terryruns” to get 50% off any of her products! (The coupon expires May 31st, 2014 at 11:59pm est)


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