Yasso 800’s and week in review…

The past week of marathon training was a cutback week, but still had what used to be quite a few km’s in it.  I ran 60 km’s this past week.  In the past, or when half marathon training, that would have been considered a peak week.  Now that I’m peaking at over 80 km’s in a week, 60 feels like a break for my legs.    It’s funny how your perspective changes!  Lori and I did do one super difficult workout this week, and that was 10 x Yasso 800’s.  

Doing 10 x 800 meters, with a recovery equal to the time of the interval is supposed to be a predictor of marathon time.  For instance, if you’re trying to run a 4:00 marathon, you should be able to run the 800 meter repeats in 4 minutes each and do 10 repeats with a 4 minute rest break between.  There has been much debate as to whether this actually is a good predictor of marathon time.  I think that the consensus is, or at least the believe that I subscribe to is that if you CAN’T do the workout, then your marathon time may be too aggressive, but just because you CAN do the workout, there are no guarantees that you can run a marathon that fast.    Whether or not it is a good predictor, it’s definitely a good workout!  Lori and I did a 2 km warm-up and then did 10 x 800’s at an average time of 3:44, with equal length recoveries, and then a 1 km cool-down.  The entire workout was almost 17 km’s, and by the end my legs were VERY tired.

If you don’t know the history of this workout, they are named after Bart Yasso.  He is the Runners World Chief Running Officer (ummm, that could be the coolest job in the world?!?).  He invented the workout as a predictor and it was subsequently named after him.  Thanks to which, his name is often cursed by marathon runners worldwide!  Talk about fame :)\

The rest of the week was spent running easy kilometers, and recovering from the cold/flu thing that had infected me last weekend.  I’m feeling rested and raring to head into my final peak week before taper.  This week’s big workout is a long-ish tempo run.  The schedule says 5-7 miles at tempo pace.  I’ll have to see how energetic I’m feeling on which end of that scale my run falls!  This coming weekend we’re planning our long run on Mother’s Day morning, it’ll be our last 20 miler, and we are going to start at the marathon start, and run up the hills on the front end of the marathon.  We want to have a better feel as to how those hills are going to feel and how aggressive we should be during the marathon.

Have you ever done a 10 x 800 Yasso workout?  How did your time relate to your subsequent marathon time?  Congrats to all my friends who raced today, I had a great time following everyone’s time through social media, and it’s getting me antsy to race myself!!


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