A Day in the Life of Lori and Terry’s Strength Training – The Outdoor Edition!

Lori and I have a standing date every week for a medium long run, and strength training session.  We’ve been running up to 16 km’s and then going to the gym afterwards.  Since we’re now tapering for our marathon, our distances are going down, we decided to change up the strength training this week also.  We met on Tuesday night this week, and it was a lovely sunny day (something we haven’t had a lot of this spring)!  Lori suggested that we run in Griffith Woods, which is a beautiful park, but doesn’t have a ton of distance for longish runs, and then she suggested we workout in the park afterwards.  Awesome idea I thought!!

We got our run in, and then found a nice section of grass next to the river to workout.  Lori had brought a couple of yoga mats, and some resistance bands.  Here’s what we did, with some pictures.  I am not a trainer, and don’t claim to have any expertise, so if you’re uncomfortable or unsure, see a trainer to help you get going on a strength routine.  I do think that incorporating strength training into a running schedule is a great way to compliment running, it will reduce your chances of injury, and might even make you a faster runner!

We started by alternating bicep curls with the resistance band and dips on a fence.

20140522-192512.jpg 20140522-192447.jpg

Next we worked our shoulders by doing front raises.


Alternated with overhead squats.  We just used body weight for this one.  We’re in taper for our marathon, so were happy to be on the lighter side with any leg exercises.


For our legs we also did some walking lunges, but to mix it up, we walked backwards doing our lunges!  This was more challenging than I expected, it was a really good balance exercise and worked the legs slightly differently than walking forward.


We finished the workout with some core work, doing push-ups, to work our chest and abs.


Then we did side planks with leg raises, this is a favorite of ours for working both hips and obliques.


Overall the workout was way more challenging than I expected, and you can tell from the pictures, that it was a beautiful setting, and totally worth skipping the gym for a night!  If you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to do so, especially in Calgary summer is too short, so we need to enjoy the sun while we have it!

Also if you haven’t donated, check out my post on my big giveaway and fundraising effort for the Underwear Affair, and the Alberta Cancer Foundation!  There are LOTS of awesome prizes you could win, and the entries are low, so your chances are really good right now!!



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