The Underwear Affair Winners, and Race Report!!

First of all I want to thank EVERYONE who donated!!  I raised over $600 (and our team over $3000!!!), and really appreciate every donation!  Next I will announce the winners of the prizes.  I’m going to let the winners pick their prizes in the order they were drawn, so here are the winners, if you’re on the list, I’ll email you once the people above you have picked and let you know what’s left…

1. Nikki

2. Amy

3. Michelle

4. Lori

5. Kristine

6. Rebekah R

And as a reminder the prizes were: 1. A set of knucklelights, 2. $40 credit for BicBands, 3. Nuun, 4. SpiBelt, 5. 110% Flat out Compression Sox, 6. Another Mother Runner Book and prize pack

The best part of this race is always picking out costumes and getting dressed up for it!  This year we even had a boy on our team (Lori’s brother-in-law, Chris)!!  We had to search to come up with something that would work for us 3 girls, plus Chris, but ended up coming up with great outfits!


Lori and I ran the race with a friend Jessica who was going for a PB in the 10 k of a sub 60 minute time.  The race started up a hill, which was HARD, and I could definitely feel that my legs are still recovering from the marathon.  After that most of it is either downhill or fairly flat.  The course went through downtown along the river, and was really nice.  It was a great venue to get a lot of spectators and publicity, which is great for their cause!

There was even beer afterwards!
There was even beer afterwards!

Now I’m on to my next fun project – #junedresses !!  I’ve committed to wearing a dress every day in June.  It’s a cause that my company sponsors that raises money for a United Way program called All in for Girls.  They work with teenagers, trying to reduce dropout rates and empowering girls.  It’s a super fun challenge too, and may have prompted a bit of shopping on my part 🙂  If anyone wants to donate to this cause you can do so through this link.

This is my favorite so far!
This is my favorite so far!

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