An Update and a Review!

Alright, it’s been a VERY long time since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been BUSY, with many things, including running.  Since my races in early July, I’ve started into my fall marathon schedule, Lori and I are both using the Pfitz 12-55 plan.  If you’re not familiar with Pfitzinger, I highly recommend checking out his book, Advanced Marathoning.  It has a TON of awesome information in it, and some very challenging plans.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been doing:

Week 1 – had a total of 56 km’s.  This included a 13 km run with strides, a 14 km run, a 8 km recovery run, and a 21 km long run that had a 13 km segment at marathon pace.  That is one of the more challenging aspects of this plan.  The MP (marathon pace) long runs.  We’ve decided to target 3:45 as our marathon goal for now (we both have shorter races that predict this or faster), and are using 5:20/km as our MP.

Week 2 – total of 63 km’s.  We ran 4 days again this week, with a tempo, a recovery run, an 18 km MLR (medium long run) and a 24 km long run.  I did my long run in Santa Rosa, CA, as I was on vacation this last week.  I posted during my last cycle about glycogen depletion runs, and this past week I had the chance to do a true glycogen depletion run, having nothing for breakfast, and nothing for fuel during the run.  It actually went quite well all things considered.  I definitely felt my energy draining after the 2 hr (20 km) mark, but pushed through to the end.  The biggest thing that I noticed was how tired I was for the rest of the day.  It really drained my energy and made me tired.  This wasn’t ideal since we were away, and I wanted to enjoy my time and see as much as I could while we were gone.

Week 3 – We are midway through this week, so I’ll post an update on it next week.

And now for a review!  

I’m excited to do this review because it’s for a product that I already, own, use and LOVE!  I was offered the chance to receive a pair of Pro Compression socks, and to review them for my blog.  I was happy to do so, I already own 2 other pairs of their socks, so knew exactly what I was getting myself into.  

First of all, I’m a big fan of compression, it really helps my recovery when my legs are starting to feel tight and sore.  I also will wear compression socks during a run, but I admit, I don’t notice as much of a difference during the run – except for the style factor, they sure are cute!

I was provided with a pair of Pro Compression White Marathon Socks.  I ordered a size XS, my calves technically measure at the smaller end of a S, but they advise sizing down if want extra compression.  I am totally happy with the size, and they fit perfectly.

Some facts about Pro Compression Socks:

  • they have true graduated compression
  • arch support with just the right amount of compression
  • stabilization right through the sides of the mid-foot
  • open toe box so it does not keep your toes too tight
  • wide cuff for added comfort
  • moisture wicking material
  • no blisters!

Those are facts according to the manufacturer.  I can totally vouch that they are true.  I’ve never had any blister issues, or discomfort when wearing these socks, I like the feel of the arch support, but it is not so tight that my foot feels restricted.  

My calves have been especially tight lately, and I’ve taken to sleeping in these socks, even when it’s been pretty warm out, because I really do notice a huge difference in my muscle tightness when I spend 12+ hours in compression.  

If you want to try out these socks, they’ve offered a special discount code of PINK to my readers.  20140801-152844-55724832.jpg 20140801-152843-55723860.jpg


7 thoughts on “An Update and a Review!

  1. LOVE Pro Compression! I’ve been using them for a couple years and was sold right away. Great for recovery, reasonable price and they come in such fun colours/patterns. They even have grab bags every now and again!

    1. I think the difference is just the amount of the leg covered. I have compression tights and will wear them for recovery in the winter but in the summer it seems like a lot to wear full tights.

  2. Awesome achievement it is! Thank you for sharing your insights! Learned a lot as well! I’m more pumped up to continue my training and probably run more races as I could! Thanks man! Keep it coming! All the best!

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