Pfitz Week 3 & 4, and an Announcement!!!

Life has been busy lately to say the least, my fall marathon cycle is starting to ramp up, so that’s taking a bit of time, plus family, and work, etc.  Between everything, blogging has taken a back seat, and I’m ok with that.  I do have a super exciting announcement to make, and though I’ve already shared it on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, I wanted to share it here also, because I’m just thrilled to be able to make it.

I’m officially an INKnBURN Ambassador!!!


I can’t express how thrilled I am to have been offered this opportunity.  I LOVE their products, they are my absolute favorite workout / running clothes.  I’ve always been a fan of bright colors and interesting patterns, and from the moment I first saw their designs, I loved them.  Then I read a bit about the company, how the designs are created, and manufactured, and I’ve become an even bigger fan.  Their designs are like art, actually, they ARE art, and I love this.  A lot of the other tech gear companies out there have some cool patterns, but they are often just a repeating pattern that’s been sewn into whatever clothing piece, but INKnBURN apparel, wears like a tattoo or art piece on your body.

I LOVE racing in INKnBURN!

The fabrics are also amazing.  They are light-weight, and are second to none in the industry.  I’ve never chafed or had any issues during any race with their clothing.  I’m sure this is why their clothes are so popular with Ultra runners, if you can wear something over a 100 mile race, then you know that it is performance wear!

With my fans! Love them!!
My first INKnBURN cami!

I’m also excited that as an ambassador, I get to share a discount with all my friends and family!  If you’ve never tried INKnBURN, but have been thinking of it, or if you are just hearing about them and would like to try them out, then here is your chance to do so with a 15% discount.  The code INBterry14 will get you a 15% discount, if you create a new account on their webpage.  The code is only good for your first order when creating a new account.  If you have any questions about fit, or what items I have and love, please comment, or send me a message, I’d love to help however I can.

And on to my Pfitz Week 3/4 summary:

I’m in the middle of Pfitz Week 4 of his 12-55 marathon plan.  Week 3 looked like this:

Monday – My schedule had me running 13 km’s with strides, but I had the chance to meet up with a mother-runner that I’ve “known” through social media since before my first daughter was born.  I was thrilled to get to run with her, and have her show me some trails in Santa Rosa, CA.  We ended up running just over 14 km’s, and I really enjoyed running and chatting with her!

Tuesday – I got back to Calgary late on Monday, and between getting to bed late, up early and being back at work, there was no time to run.

Wednesday – I met up with Lori and we ran our medium-long-run of 18 km’s.  Neither of us had time for a gym workout, so we just ran and then had to get our kids to bed, etc.

Thursday – I ran an easy 6km recovery run after work.

Friday – I made up for my missed gym workout, and got up early before my hubby had to leave for work, and did my gym strength training session.

Saturday – Lori and I met up early (for us) at 7am to get our long run done.  This week’s long run was 26 km’s total, with 16 km’s @ MP (Marathon Pace – 5:20/km).  I was a little worried about this run, my legs were sore from working out the day before, plus 5:20/km is a daunting pace over 16 km’s.  Like with all  of the workout’s that we’ve attempted so far this schedule, we were able to complete this without a problem, it was a challenging workout, but totally doable.  It’s very encouraging to go into a workout with it looming and feeling daunting and to come out successful and feeling like we totally rocked it!

Sunday – I ran an easy 6 km recovery run.

Week 4:

Monday – This was another daunting workout.  16 km’s total with 8 km’s @ tempo pace (between half marathon and 15 km race pace).  I have been using 4:45 or so as my goal pace for these workouts.  I ran 7 km’s warm-up – I had planned on 6, but then needed a pitstop and didn’t want to pause my tempo, so ran to a bathroom, and started my tempo and the next even km.  My tempo km paces were: 4:48, 4:50, 4:39, 4:42, 4:34, 4:33, 4:52, 4:45.  I am thrilled with how this workout went, especially since it was just 2 days after our MP long run on Saturday.

Tuesday – easy 8k recovery run.

Wednesday – 18 km medium long run, plus Strength training afterwards.  We’ve been finding it tough to fit in our strength training workouts every week, but are determined to make them a priority because I know that this is what is keeping me injury free through these tough marathon cycles.

Friday – we are planning to run our long run on Friday this week.  The schedule has us running 27 km’s at an easy pace.  Lori and I are going to head out to the mountains and do a trail run, the difficulty of the trails will determine the distance, it’ll be at least 21km’s and we’ll probably just go for time on our feet, something around 2.5 hours or a bit more probably.  I think it’s good to be flexible with distance, especially when you’re on trails, they are often so much more difficult than road running that you can’t equate the two.

Saturday/Sunday – I will do one more easy 8 km run on the weekend, the day will just depend on our family schedule and how it fits in best.

Last week’s mileage was around 71 km’s, this week I should be up around 76 km’s I think (or less depending on the trail distance).  My weekly mileage is certainly getting “serious” here, but it is feeling good, and other than trying to find time to schedule it in, everything is feeling good!  Hopefully that means that I’ll be able to challenge that 3:45 time goal in October!

Who else is marathon training right now?  How is your training going?  What plan are you using?  Also please tell me if you order anything from INKnBURN, I’d love to hear what  you order and what you think!


8 thoughts on “Pfitz Week 3 & 4, and an Announcement!!!

    1. So far everything I’ve ordered has fit perfectly. I’m a 4 or a 6 at lulu, and a 4 in InB bottoms, or a S in their tops. If you have a specific type of item, I can tell you my measurements and size, or compare to a different brand of clothes if that helps.

    1. Aww thanks for the nomination! I’ll try to respond (but will admit I suck at these things lol). Exciting that you’ll be at Okanagan!! Let me know if you ever want running buddies. You’re welcome to join Lori and I.

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