Queue the Marathon Pace Obsession Post…

Soooo the BAA (Boston Athletic Association) released the final group of people who are accepted into the 2015 Boston Marathon today.  They also set the cutoff time for those accepted at BQ-1:02.  This has prompted a bit of obsession from me… If the time remains similar for 2016 (there is obviously no way to know this, but I’ll assume that it is so that I can continue my over analysis and obsession, mkay?).  So assuming next year is similar, I’ll have to run a 3:44 or faster marathon to have a chance of getting into Boston. Continue reading “Queue the Marathon Pace Obsession Post…”

Okanagan Marathon Update: it’s Taper Time!!

First off, I actually registered for the race, HA … True story, I wasn’t registered until last week sometime.  We’ve had our accommodations booked, and everything else organized but I just hadn’t gotten around to registering, but now I am, so I guess there’s no turning back now.  Continue reading “Okanagan Marathon Update: it’s Taper Time!!”

Marathon Training Update!

Two days in a row, I must be on some sort of a blogging roll!! 🙂 Well, I figured it had practically been forever since I had last updated you on my marathon training progress… so here goes!  The last time I posted an update on my training I was just finishing week 4.  I’m now finished week 7 of the Pfitz 12-55 schedule, and feel like I’ve hit the home stretch! Continue reading “Marathon Training Update!”

Two Race Reports!

I’ve really fallen behind in keeping up with updates here, my summer has been busy, and I’ve hardly had time to keep up with my running, let alone blogging about my running.  I’ve done a couple of races over the last few weeks, and they both have gone really well.  I hope it is indicative of how in shape, and ready for this marathon that I’m becoming!  I’m focusing on believing that I am ready and going to rock it, because when I step back, I’m a little scared to death about trying to finish with what I feel is an ambitious time goal.   Continue reading “Two Race Reports!”