Marathon Training Update!

Two days in a row, I must be on some sort of a blogging roll!! 🙂 Well, I figured it had practically been forever since I had last updated you on my marathon training progress… so here goes!  The last time I posted an update on my training I was just finishing week 4.  I’m now finished week 7 of the Pfitz 12-55 schedule, and feel like I’ve hit the home stretch!

Week 5 (this was as close to a cutback as Pfitz gets…)

Monday – I was scheduled to run 14 km’s with 6 @ tempo, but if you remember from my last update, Lori and I had done a quad trashing trail run in the mountains, and so I opted to just run another slow easy 8 km recovery run.

Wednesday – 19 km MLR.  Both Lori and my legs were finally starting to feel a bit better from the trail run.

Thursday – Tempo Run.  My legs were not 100%, they were tired from that trail run still, plus the 19 km’s MLR from the night before.  This was my last chance to tempo though before a LR on Sunday, so I went for it.  6 km’s WU, then 6 km’s @ tempo, the pace was a bit slower than it had been, but still below a 5:00/km pace.  Good enough.

Saturday – 26 km’s long run.  This was a “cutback” week as Pfitz has them.  I’m definitely used to rest weeks being more restful.

Week 6

Monday – Speedwork – 6 km WU, then 5 x 1000m @ 5k pace (approx. 4:20/km).  This was a daunting workout as I hadn’t done any fast running in a while.  Went well though with splits of 4:21, 4:16, 4:19, 4:17 and 4:25.

Tuesday – 8.8 km recovery run at lunch.

Wednesday – 19 km MLR with Lori with some Strength training to follow.

Saturday – I took two days off in a row because Saturday was the Moose Mountain trail race.  I did a 6.4 km WU, then raced the 16 km distance.  Race report is here.

Sunday – Recovery 10 k pool run with Lori.  I was very glad to recover in the pool with Lori, my legs were beat from the race the day before!

Week … Vacation – I had an extra week built into the schedule, so took it this week while we were on vacation.  I did a few easy runs, but nothing from the schedule.  Just rested and hung out with the family.


Week 7 – Peak Mileage Week!

Monday – This was a long weekend, so thankfully I had Monday off work.  This was probably the most daunting workout of the entire marathon plan when I first saw it on paper.  19 km’s with 11 km’s @ tempo.  Lori and I had talked about this workout, and how running 11 km’s at tempo is a bit of a conflict in the definition of a tempo for us “slower” runners.  You know, being that the definition of a tempo is the pace that you can continuously maintain for an hour, and for some people 11 km’s takes them more than an hour to complete… which isn’t exactly the case for me, but I felt like the wheels might be in danger of falling off at my normal tempo pace.  All this to say that I did this workout, using the Daniels modified tempo pace charts for my pace guidance, and it went very well.  Splits were: 4:51, 4:53, 4:53, 4:52, 4:51, 4:50, 4:56, 4:58, 4:54, 4:55, 4:57 (goal was 4:55).

Totally killed this tempo!
Totally killed this tempo!

Tuesday – 8 km recovery run

Wednesday – 19 km MLR, with Strength training afterwards.

Friday – 32 km’s long run.  Lori’s knee has been bugging her, so this was a completely solo run.  My legs felt tired, so my pace wasn’t super fast, but I got it done, and recovered with a massage!

Sunday – 10 km’s race, and a new PR :-), race report can be found here.





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