Taper Madness Indeed!

I am sitting here right in the middle of taper.  My marathon is on October 12th, (less than a week away – EEEEK!!!).  The last week has been a bit crazy to say the least. 

Tuesday Morning I was up early with my goal to have my 11 km’s run done before 6 am so that I could be at work by 7 am.  I was out the door just before 5 am, and stopped my garmin at 6:03… pretty close!  Once I got to work, I was thirsty, my head hurt and I was freezing cold.  I even made myself some tea so that I could sip it and hold onto the hot mug.  I thought I must have just got a chill/dehydrated from being out running so early.  It wasn’t until the end of the work day that my brain clued in that I might have a fever. OH NO!!!  I went home, took Tylenol, and got my butt in bed early.

Wednesday I had a 3 x 1 mile speed session scheduled, I was planning on running it Wed night with Lori.  I had warned her that I might be sick, and that the workout was up in the air.  When my alarm went off at 5am, my head was pounding, I decided to call it a sick day and turn that damn thing off.  I am NOT a good sleeper in-er, but I managed to stay in bed until almost 7am when I went downstairs and emailed into work that I wouldn’t be coming in.  I took a pretty easy morning, but felt a lot better once the Tylenol had taken care of the headache.  I was encouraged thinking I was just going to shake this thing off in a day and be back on my feet.  By nearly dinner time, I was feeling great, it was a beautiful day, and I decided to phuck it, and go get my workout done (Lori had already done hers solo in the am).  I ran 13 km’s, did 3 x 1600m’s @ 5k race pace, and felt like I had some good speed in my legs.  That evening I felt a bit tired, the headache started to return, so I popped some more pain meds and went to bed. IMG_4504

Thursday was a rest day, I went to work, but leaned on pain meds for my headache and the lingering low grade fever.  Thursday night however was not good.  My fever was high, I was hot/cold/sweating all night.  I had some terrible thoughts about what this was going to mean for my race, what if I wasn’t recovered, could I do a make-up race in a month or two… A fever in the middle of the night will do strange things to a person’s mind!!

Friday I slept in a bit, but still got up and went to work, I just had a half day scheduled and am trying to bank some time to take off the Friday before the race, so after more Tylenol, I was feeling ok and went to work.  I was originally planning on an easy run Friday afternoon, but scrapped that and just focused on getting better.  Saturday was supposed to be my long run but by Friday evening I had decided that this was NOT a good idea.  I texted Lori and bailed 😦

Saturday, feeling a bit better finally.  I took Tylenol when I first woke up, but then did not need any more for the rest of the day, YAY!!!  The Harvest Half marathon was on Saturday morning, and I decided to take advantage of missing my long run and go and cheer.  Maiya and I headed down and got to cheer for friends Michael, Lindsay and Tina (and I even got a pic of Angela @ Cowgirlruns and didn’t even know it at the time).  By Saturday night, I had decided that if I could make it through the night without any pain or fever meds that I could try running.  I had thought originally that I might try to do my long run on Sunday. 10655372_10152705169910791_7647679829154849150_o

Sunday morning I woke up feeling good, YAY!  No fever, no headache… ah finally!! 🙂  I decided to head out for a run, but luckily my good senses had kicked in overnight and I had decided to just scrap the long run for the week.  I took Murphy out for an easy 8k run in the off leash park, the pace was easy, and it was a lovely morning for it.

Today, I’m feeling healthy, my legs are feeling good.  I’m once again confident that I’m going to be strong and ready to go on Sunday.  Phew… It is amazing how many emotions and crazies can go through your head in a few short days, and having a fever only makes the crazies worse!  I’ve also learned that it is so much easier to dish out advice than to take it yourself.  I KNEW that if someone had asked me what they should do I would have calmly said, rest, relax, get better, your race will be ok, but that did not feel like the truth for me over the course of this illness.

Do you get the taper crazies?  Sick during taper?  Do you have any positive stories of bouncing back and rocking your race?  I’d love to hear them!!


8 thoughts on “Taper Madness Indeed!

  1. Way to listen to your body and take the rest when you need it. I always seem to get sick right around now which is usually right before a marathon. Not fun and totally plays with your mind. Enjoy the rest of the taper this week and hope to see you in Kelowna!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I know it’s so common to get sick during taper, isn’t it? I hope you’re healthy and ready to go this weekend though. I’ll watch for you for sure, you’re running the full right?

      1. Was planning on the full but after tri season this summer I just had no desire to up the distance. I’m doing the half with some girlfriends and planning on drink quite a bit of wine instead! Being lazy is probably the reason I haven’t been sick yet, lol. Can’t wait to see how you finish. Sounds like you’re in killer shape!

  2. I admire how dedicated you are to your training plan. I would be freaking out right now if I were sick 🙂 but it looks like you have a handle on listening to your body. Enjoy the next few days before the madness kicks in!

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