1 week off Running, why I don’t Streak…

Today is 1 week post marathon, and it’s also been a full week off running.  I know that a lot of people have no problem sitting back and relaxing for a week, but there are also some of us who get caught up in it all.  I know myself and I definitely get caught up in things, I get stuck on the numbers and logging the miles.  I think it’s important to take a step back every once in a while and take both a physical and a mental break from it all.  After the Calgary marathon last spring, I really didn’t take any time off.  The day after the marathon I was on my bike, and within a couple days I was back out running.  

I’ve felt a bit burnt out towards the end of this marathon cycle, and I think it’s because I never did let myself recover properly from that spring marathon.  I’ve also had a few pre-injury tightnesses, and warnings that my body has been whispering to me about.  I’m sure lucky that none of them slowed me down last Sunday.  Because of this, I decided that after Kelowna I would do a better job of recovering.  I didn’t run or even work out at all this week until today (Sunday).  What did I do instead?  I slept!  I set my alarm for a full hour later every morning this week, and enjoyed an extra hour of sleep.  I have to say, it was kinda awesome 🙂

I got out today for my first post-marathon exercise.  It was not a run though, but a bike ride.  It was a completely beautiful day in Calgary, and we don’t have a ton of snow free days, so was a perfect opportunity to get some blood flowing, and enjoy our city trails.


I am always noticing people who are on run-streaks, or doing other types of challenges (plank, burpee, etc), and have decided long ago that these challenges are not for me.  I think for some people they can be a good way to jump into a habit and get motivated.  Motivation has never been a problem for me, I’m much more likely to err on the side of being TOO motivated, and get myself injured.  For this reason, I’ve made a rule for myself to NOT do these challenges or streaks.  I’m afraid that I’d get obsessed, and forget to listen to my body, and end up injured.  Injury is a 4 letter word for me, and is somewhere that I’m working really hard to not go to again!

How about you?  Do you do streaks or challenges?  Can you do them and not go overboard?


8 thoughts on “1 week off Running, why I don’t Streak…

  1. I’ve just taken a full week off running after my 2nd half marathon. It’s been such a long week of no running. It would have been nice to take advantage of the beautiful weather in Nova Scotia today but my husband is away … so treadmill it is tonight.
    I wouldn’t last in a running streak and have attempted challenges but usually give up mid month 😉

  2. I think running every day might be a fun challenge for others, but I’d be concerned about becoming injured so it’s not for me either. You’re smart to take some time off after running a marathon.

  3. Brendan

    No rest for me , ran marathon oct,19 and next day was in the gym biking and very light weights 🙂 I have to stay ahead of you now 😉 lol

  4. I am not a fan of the streaks. Running every day is a really bad idea for me, being old and all. For a while I was trying to do plank every day, but it never works out. Other things come up that just have to be done, and that upsets the streak. In the end, I try to be regular about workout stuff, but struggle with that. I don’t have much struggle with motivation. There’s lots of times I’d like to be out there, but listening to my body tells me it isn’t a good idea.

  5. I did a streak this summer for a month, but it wasn’t too intense. Normally, not my thing either. I like to have a few rest days every week. i am with you injury is four letter word.

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