Thinking ahead to 2015…

I’ve been waiting to write this post because I had handed over control on our spring marathon selection to Lori. I’m not very good at handing control over for ANYTHING, so it was killing me to not be able to start to plan and figure out my schedule for next year. It was only fair though that she get control over the race selection. I had picked the Okanagan marathon for this past fall, and she had paced me and just gone with the flow for my BQ marathon. Now it’s Lori that is trying to BQ (she needs a sub 3:40), so I’m planning on doing whatever I can to support her in that effort!

So I think this is her decision (we haven’t registered or anything yet…) but we’re starting to plan our training schedule and other races based on this race, so the plan is to run the Windermere Marathon in Spokane Washington on June 7th. It looks to be a pretty well organized, fun race, with some nice scenery. It’s a point-to-point with a net downhill. We’re trying to leverage every advantage we can to get our butts through this race as fast as possible!

That’s the big-goal-time-based-thing that’s happening… so now I’ll fill in the rest of the blanks as to what I’m thinking, and start at the beginning of the year again.

The Police Half Marathon (April) – I do this every year, and it’s a fun race, so I think I’ll do it again. It’s one that if the weather is good and it fits with my schedule, then I’ll race it hard, but I’ll be ready to run it as a training run also because some years look like this:


Windermere Marathon (June) – hoping for a 3:38 or better for both Lori and I (if I can keep up to her!)

Powerderface Half Marathon (July) – this race is a month after our marathon, and is on a trail that’s just a few minutes past Bragg Creek. Lori and I did a training run out here last year and it was epic-ly hard, and epic-ly fun – so we registered for the Half this morning! If we’re feeling beat up from the marathon, then we’ll just get out and run this one for fun and enjoy the trails.

Moose Mountain Marathon (August) – I love this race, and definitely want to do it again. In the past, I’ve *just* done the 10 miler, but I think this year I want to go big and do the full marathon! It will most likely be a training run/hike as I have more big plans for the fall, and this one isn’t a goal race, but it’s fun, and a super nice place to run.

Super top secret maybe race (September) – this one probably won’t even happen, but there’s a small chance of a super fun race that would be so awesome that I’m leaving a place holder for it.

Grizzly 50 k (October) – AN ULTRA! Yup, there you have it, I’ve been following so many awesome trail running people, and podcasts, and blogs, that it almost seems ‘wimpy’ to only be running a 50k, but for now 50k is plenty of distance for me, and I’m super stoked to take my running to the next level!

Phew, well that’s it, and that seems like A LOT to me. My two ‘A’ races are going to be the Windermere Marathon, and the Grizzly 50k, everything else will be training/fun/’B’. So far the only one I’ve registered for is the Powerderface Half, so this could all change as well. I’m really excited for my running next year, I’m starting to work on a plan, and I’ll do another post about that later. What I’m most excited for is for summer, and trails!

My other goal for next year is to volunteer at a minimum of one race. I’ve a little ashamed to admit this, but I’ve never volunteered at a race. I should have been out volunteering back when I was single and didn’t have kids, but little did I know that I had all the time in the world and that one day I’d be crazy busy.


13 thoughts on “Thinking ahead to 2015…

  1. I’ve volunteered at a bunch of races, mostly triathlons, and it’s a ton of fun! Plus you don’t have to train for it, which is preying more heavily on my mind these days.

  2. Sounds like you’ll have a great summer. I did Powderface one year and I still want to do Moose Mountain. Probably not this coming year, but maybe the year after. This year I’m focusing on Ironlegs. See you on the trails.

    1. I looked at Ironlegs, and it looks like a great race! It’s more than I want to tackle this year, and is a bit further away, but one year I’ll sign up for it! Good luck with your race!

  3. Great looking plans! Your spring marathon goal is the same as Nicole (and mine). She needs a sub 3:40 so I’ll stay with her for what I can. I *only* need a 3:55. #oldboobs Good luck with the Ultra! Sounds exciting!

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