Looking back on 2014, and forward to 2015

I gotta say, 2014 was a pretty good year.  There were a few bumps in the road on a personal level, but all in all, it was fantastic and full of growth and victories.  I’m more than thrilled with how I’m feeling going into 2015 and feel like there are a lot of great things to come.

2014 by the Numbers…

8 Races Run.  One of my goals in 2014 was to race fewer races, and to really dedicate  myself to those races.  I ran 7 races including The Police Half (training run), The Calgary Marathon (new PB), The Underwear Affair 10k (just a jog), The Stampede Half (new PB), High River Canada Day 5k (new PB), Moose Mountain 10 miler (3rd female!), Calgary Corporate Challenge 10k (new PB), and the Okanagan Marathon (new PB).

4 New PB’s.  I had a really good year when it came to racing.  I ran a new 5k PB at the High River race, in sub 22 minutes, a new 10k PB at the Calgary Corporate Challenge 10k (45:24), a half marathon PB at the Stampede Half (1:44:27) and a new marathon PB at the Okanagan Marathon (3:42:54)!!

2954 km’s (1846 miles) Run. I’m over the moon super happy with this number!  I’m also super proud that I DID NOT run 3000 km’s.  When I finished the Okanagan marathon in October, I new that my yearly total was going to be close to 3000.  I also knew that I had not recovered as I should have after the Calgary Marathon, and wanted to recover better.  I purposefully took a full week off running, and then came back nice and easy.  That recovery made the difference between 2954 and 3000… or did it?  It’s also entirely possible that if I would have run more to reach that goal, that I may have become injured and ended up running less.  Either way, I used my brain (something I’m really working on doing more) and am glad I did.

0 Injuries.  This is my very favorite number of all!!  It’s taken me a lot of years of running and learning lessons the hard way to get to this point.  I’ve worked really hard on becoming strong and “Injury Proof”.

Looking Ahead to 2015 (my goals)…

I’m super excited for 2015, and feel like even though 2014 had PB’s in every distance, that I’m just starting to get faster and reach for my true potential.  I have learned a lot about my body over the last couple of years and am going into 2015 stronger than I’ve ever been.

NO Injuries!!  It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been injured, and my biggest goal this year is to keep it that way.  I want to make sure this continues.  I also know that I’m not immune to them, and don’t want to get lackadaisical.  My plan is to continue to strength train regularly (once a week at a bare minimum).

Get Stronger! Related to not being injured, but also a goal of it’s own, I want to get stronger.  I’ve been working at lifting heavier in the gym, and my goal this year is to be able to Dip and Pull-ups, and to Squat and Deadlift my bodyweight (or more).

Spring Marathon Goal: Run it strong and as fast as I can on that day, but more than anything, support Lori’s race and run and train the best we both can so that hopefully we can both run Boston in 2016.

Fall Race Goal:  Run a 50k!  I want 2015 to be the year of the Ultra!  Part of me was tempted to find a 50 miler or 100k race and go big, but because my primary goal is to run smart and strong, I want to be conservative in this goal, and ‘just’ run 50k this year.

Distance Goal: I would LOVE to average 40 mpw (62 km’s) this year, which would bring me to around 2000 miles, or 3300 km’s.  Those numbers look really large on paper though, and my primary goal again is to run smart and strong, which might mean NOT being tied to these numbers, and taking recovery and rest seriously when I need to.

Final run of 2014, on to 2015!!
Final run of 2014, on to 2015!!

What are your goals?  Do you get tied to the numbers in running?  I hope that all of you had a great 2014 and I wish the very best of life and running to you in 2015!!



12 thoughts on “Looking back on 2014, and forward to 2015

  1. Hi Terry! Servo21 and Ricardo L on Strava. Thanks for posting the link to your blog on RWOL!

    I agree with many of your thoughts and accomplishments. Except for a sore achilles for about a week and a viral infection for a couple of weeks, my 2014 running was not setback by any injury; just burnout.

    It was a second straight year of PR’ing total annual volume. August was my first 200 mile month ever, but do feel that the trap you successfully avoided, I succumbed to the carrot that was 200 miles and burned myself out during the last week of August to get there. Either directly or indirectly, the rest of my Berlin training began to suffer. I mailed in runs and had a very sub-par race (time zone change and lack-of-sleep didn’t help).

    I’m reinvigorated for 2015 on the heels of 10K and 13.1PRs on back-to-back days, but don’t want to fall victim to the temptation of a 2000 mile year! Maybe just… 1500 or 1600 miles (1440 was 2014).

    Good luck with the 50K! That is on my horizon too! I’m targeting Monument Valley… it just calls out to me.

    1. Hi Ricardo! Glad you stopped by and left a comment 🙂 It would be so hard to try to fly overseas and then RACE hard. Great work on the PR’s, and I like your plan for 2015, better 1500 happy miles than 2000 forced ones 🙂 I found you on instagram, and am looking forward to following your progress!

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