Hemphearts Winner and a Training update!

It’s been AGES since I’ve done a true training update, so I thought I’d combine posting the winner of my Hemphearts draw with a training update.  First the winner, and then an update!

I used random.org to randomly pick a winner (there were only 3 people who entered..?).


Since Rosie was the second commenter, congrat’s Rosie, I’ll email you, and work out the details!

As for marathon training, it’s been going really well.  I’m mostly/sort of following a Hudson plan, combined with just making it up week by week depending on my schedule and how many km’s I want to get in.  I’m just finishing up week 8 of a 20 week schedule.  The Hudson plan has the first 4-6 weeks or so being more base building, and then starts to periodize towards the marathon after that.  This means that it’s really only been in the last few weeks that I’ve started to add more quality other than some hill sprints, and fartleks.  I’ve mostly been working on keeping my volume reasonably high, and really trying to keep the easy stuff easy.

I’m really enjoying it, and feel like I’ve come a long way, my easy paces have gotten faster, and I’m feeling really strong running 70-80 km weeks.  It was just a year ago that 80 km weeks were really tiring, and took a lot out of me, whereas now, I’m doing them back to back, with quality included in them.  I’m still watching my HR on runs also.  I’m not letting it control me 100%, but especially for recovery or easy runs, I’m trying to stay within 5 beats of my MAF pace.  It’s a good check to make sure I’m not letting my legs get away from me on a run that should not be taxing.

This past week was a cutback week and after tomorrow should have a total of 68 km’s, with a hill workout and a tempo run as my quality runs.  Next week is a big week again, at 89 km’s.  This will put me at my biggest week ever assuming all goes well.


Spring has also come (at least temporarily) to Calgary, and it’s been so nice to be able to get outside on dry paths, in shorts and enjoy the weather!!  Odds are we will get winter back again before it’s gone for good, but in the mean time, we’re enjoying the warmth!


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