Marathon Training update, and a Race this weekend!!

Seeing as it’s been a month (Where does the time go?!!) since I last posted, I thought I was due for an update.  I’ve been running, running and running some more!  

Trail Running is AWESOME!
           Trail Running is AWESOME!

For the most part, the running has been fantastic.  Here’s a brief summary of what my last 4 weeks of training have looked like:

March 23-29: Total mileage 92 km’s.  M – 11k recovery, Tu – 16k Fartleks, We – 16k easy, Th – 14k easy, Sa – 9k easy, Su – 26 k LR, with quality.

March 30-April 5: Total mileage 61 km’s (cutback week). Tu – 13k, We – 13k, Fr – 8k, Sa – 8k, Su – 20k LR

April 6-12: Total mileage 95 km’s.  M – 8k recovery, Tu – 16k w/10k @ HMP, We – 18k, Fr – 16k Fartlek, Sa – 8k, Su – 29k LR

April 13-19: Total mileage 95 km’s. M – 10k recovery, Tu – 15k, We – 18k, Fr – 9k trails, Sa – 10k, Su – 32k

Somewhere in my first 95 km week my right hamstring started to feel tight, so I adjusted some workouts in those weeks, easing off of pace, or just running easy.  As the weeks went by it felt better, so I’m pretty happy that weird things like this can improve in the midst of high volume these days.  There was a day when I know that would not have happened.  This week is a cutback and I’ve been keeping things really easy, I had a massage on Wed afternoon and since then my legs have felt really good.

Sunday is the Police Half Marathon in Calgary! Wooo hoo 🙂  I love this race, it’s a lot of fun, it’s local, and I often get to catch up with running friends that I only see a couple times a year.  I’ve been playing things by ear as to whether I was planning on actually racing this one or not.  First of all weather can be pretty unpredictable this time of year.  Three years ago there was a giant snow storm the day before and we ran the race in 3-4 inches of fresh snow.


I think the forecast is good this year, so I won’t have to worry about snow.  I’ve also been cautious about racing a half right in the midst of marathon training, and in the midst of running the largest volume I’ve ever run.  So far so good though on that front.  As long as my hamstring and right hip feel good on Sunday, then I think I’m going to race it.  I should be pretty well set up to PR in a half marathon right now.  My training paces and other times have been dropping, and would predict that I should be able to improve my last half time (1:44).  Getting a shiny new Half PR will also help to bolster my confidence in going for my BQ-5 in Spokane in just over a month (AHHHHHH!!!!!)IMG_5983

The other factor in racing the half this weekend is that I have a big week of training planned for next week.  I’m hoping to run a milestone week in terms of volume (100 km’s!!!).  I’m not dead set on my schedule for next week, my mantra this cycle has been to be adaptive, to listen to my body, and so I will need to do the same next week.  I am willing to change the plan if my body needs me to.  This is a pretty big development, I love schedules, making them, and sticking to them, but I’ve learned that the overall impact of training through a cycle far outweighs the benefits of pushing through one workout.


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