Powderface 42 Half Marathon Race Report

This past Saturday morning Lori and I ran the Powderface 42 Half Marathon.  We registered for this race a few months ago, right when registration opened.  We had heard that it should be a good race, and that it filled up quickly, so we signed up as soon as registration opened.  At the time I don’t think the exact course map was posted, or we weren’t aware of what the exact course would be.  Last summer we did a run starting from the Powderface parking lot on the Powderface ridge trail, it was a really hard run, with a lot of really steep climbing in the first half.  This is what we thought we were signing up for, and we were a little afraid. Continue reading “Powderface 42 Half Marathon Race Report”

Building a Strength Routine

For the past 3 years or more, I’ve been reliably fitting strength training into my schedule at least once a week.  Ideally, I try to strength train twice a week, and do yoga once.  Sometimes the second strength workout and/or the yoga slip, but I’ve been very reliably getting one workout in, and I do think that it has made a huge difference in how durable a runner I am.  Continue reading “Building a Strength Routine”