2015 in Review…

All in all 2015 has been a pretty fabulous year.  I’ve pushed myself further than ever before (I ran my first ultra!), and have had more fun than I could have imagined.  My running season started with a pretty big failure of sorts.  Looking back on my last blog post of 2014, one of my major goals this past year was to run Windermere with Lori and get her a BQ… if you’re been following me, you know that that BQ was not in the cards for us that day, and on top of that, once the registration opened for Boston, my time from Okanagan the previous year was not enough to make the cut.  All in all these things could have brought me down, but I haven’t let them.  I was having too much fun to be brought down!

I’m going to sum up the rest of the year with these simple questions that I answered back in 2013.

  • Best race experience?

I think I’m going to say Moose Mountain.  This was a hard race for me, my body wasn’t cooperating, and it felt hard, the entire time.  But that said, it was also the best experience, Lori and I ran the whole race together, we ran through foot deep snow, we laughed, and came up with a whole bunch of #brightsides as to why everything didn’t suck.  Even though it was super hard, it was also a blast, and we finished with smiles on our faces.

  • Best run?

This is hard to narrow down to just one run.  Part of the reason 2015 was so awesome is that I spent it on the trails.  I’m lucky to have Friday afternoons off work, and most Friday afternoons, Lori and I met at a trail and ran for hours, we went up mountains, lied down in creeks, played in the snow, saw bears (ok one bear), and drank beer.  It was pretty awesome.

  • Best new piece of gear?

As you’ve probably noticed from my pictures, I love my INKnBURN, so my best new piece of gear would have to be something from them, which one though?  This is impossible to say, as everytime I get something new, I love it the most, and everytime I put on something old, I love it the most.  I love how their clothes make me feel, and it’s impossible to pick just one piece.


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  • Best piece of running advice you received?

I don’t know if I’ve received any specifically new advice this year, but my theme for the year has been #runhappy.  After the bad spring marathon, I made it my goal to make running fun, to be happy doing it, and to not force a certain type of run.  After all, it’s my choice to be out there, and my attitude is also a choice, there’s no point in doing it if it doesn’t add joy to my life and to those around me.

  • Most inspirational runner?

This is a timely question.  As I write this blog post, a local ultra runner, Dave, is running a 72 hour race.  He’s trying to break a Canadian record that has stood for 134 years.  His goal is to run more than 500 km’s over 72 hours, he started yesterday morning and will run through today and tomorrow.  Why is he doing this?  Well I’m sure it’s for many of the reasons that we all run races, to push ourselves, to see what we are capable of, but he’s also running to raise money and awareness for a charity called Care for Rare.  This is a cause dear to his heart, as his son has a rare genetic disorder.  This is his donation site, he’s already raised over $12,000!

  • If you could sum up the year in a couple of words, what would they be?

How about a picture instead of words…

Best way ever to finish a long run! #beerme #trailchix

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As for for 2016, I have some ideas in mind, nothing firm yet, but I’m hoping to take some risks and do some big things.

2016. #goals #dreambig

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