Running for a good cause…

I used to run the Calgary Underwear Affair every year.  It was the race where I got to dress up in my underwear, and run 10k for a good cause. It’s especially fun when you’re pregnant 🙂me

Last year they announced that there would be no more Underwear Affair.  As much as I was sad to not get to do the fun race in my underwear, the biggest hole was that I didn’t have a race where I got to raise some money for a good cause.  I mean, I don’t love pestering my friends and family for cash, but I do love raising a bit of money for a good cause, and having something more important going on than just me running another race.

This year I’m going to be back out there pestering all of you for a bit of cash.  Again, it’s for a great cause, this year it’s the Terry Fox Foundation, and I’m running the Calgary Marathon to raise money.

I’d sure love it if you would contribute.  If you’d like to do so, you can go here.

Thanks everyone!


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