Training Update, March 2016

I looked at my training calendar last week to try to pencil in peak and cutback weeks leading up to the Calgary Marathon in May, and was surprised to realize that May is coming fast!  In my calculation we have 8 weeks left, which leaves only 5 real training weeks before taper!  I decided that this would be a good time to do a quick training update/summary of the last month.

It’s been 4 weeks since we returned from vacation and I’ve been working hard, I’ve had 4 weeks of fairly high mileage.  This is totally new to me, I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than 3 without a cutback in the past, and some cycles I was staying closer to 1-2 weeks up before I cut back.  I’m super happy that I’ve been able to run so much through March, but am also ready to take a cutback and recovery week.

Here’s how the weeks have looked:

March 7-13th.

This week was all about trying to squeeze what I could in, and get my legs to cooperate.  You’d think I would have come back from vacation rested and ready to go, but my legs felt heavy and tired.  I was also trying to get a full week of work in, despite getting home after midnight on Monday and having dentist appointments for both me and my daughter.  Sunday I also had committed to racing the run portion of a team-Tri.  I was wondering what had possessed me to commit to this right after vacation, but I really ended up enjoying it, even though I really did not enjoy running 19 km’s after racing 3.  The race was hard, I wasn’t sure how to pace it, and my legs still felt sluggish and heavy.  I feel like I ran as well as I could though, and my chip time for the 3k track race was 12:35, which is around a 4:12/ km pace.  That was the only quality for the week, everything else was just about getting the distance in and getting used to a normal week again.


March 14-20th.

  • Monday started this week really tired.  Like really tired.  I ran 2k with my oldest daughter, which was a-ok with me, as it meant that I logged 2k, but barely jogged it, I was happy with the barely jogging pace.  I tacked on 6 more km’s on my own, but really wanted to just nap.
  • Tuesday was an easy 10k, and I finally was starting to feel a bit better.
  • Wednesday, I met up with Lori for our regular mid-week run and strength session.  It was awesome to catch up!
  • Thursday was spinning easy.  Friday, Lori and I ran a long run in the city, 21.5 km’s.
  • Saturday I ran 7k easy, my legs were tired, but I wanted the distance, so I just took it easy.
  • Sunday Lori and I met up with the Calgary Trail Runners group and ran 28 km’s on trail out near Canmore.  It was fun, and challenging.  Lori was experiencing the post-vacation heavy legs feeling I had had the week before, and we were running a bit faster than we normally do on trail runs, trying to keep with the group.


March 21-27th.

  • I started Monday out with an easy recovery run at lunch, where my legs felt really good and my pace was fast-for-me.  I also got in an extra strength session after work.
  • Tuesday I ran a 7k tempo run at lunch.  It went really well, and I was running the tempo parts at around a 4:35/km pace, which I was really happy with.
  • Wednesday, the regular Lori and Terry special, 16k + strength.
  • Thursday, easy spin.
  • Friday was our long run, 32k on roads, my legs were tired by the end of this one, but our pace was pretty quick-for-me, so I felt really good about it.
  • Saturday we ran our first ever real back to back long run with a 17 km trail run in the city.  It went well and my legs felt better as I went!
  • Sunday I took a real SRD, the first in 3 weeks, whoops!


March 28-April 3rd.

  • Monday morning I woke up feeling like my SI joint had slipped out overnight, UGH.  I have made a resolution this year to DEAL with all this little issues right away, so I made an appointment with my chiro right away.  The appointment wasn’t until Wednesday though.  I spent Monday stretching and trying to create some space in my SI, and it actually helped quite a bit.  By mid afternoon my SI was feeling a lot better.  I decided to go ahead and to my workout as planned.  I took the warmup nice and easy, and did the fartleks around the reservoir.  My stomach was also a bit off, and all in all it wasn’t a great run, but was still a good workout, and I was glad that I had powered through and finished it.
  • Tuesday was a super easy run at lunch, my easy runs have been getting way faster lately.  I run them by HR to keep me honest and in an easy zone, this ended up being at a 5:32 pace for this run, I’m honestly over the moon with my paces lately!
  • Wednesday was Lori and my regular mid week run, another speedy run at a 5:27/km pace.  We strength trained at her house afterwards, with her adorable kids helping and joining in on the work!  I did get my SI adjusted at noon, and it was feeling so much better!
  • I usually take Thursday’s off running and spin or x-train, but I wanted Saturday off this week, so I set my alarm pre 5am and sucked it up and ran easy at 5am.  I have to be honest, I really don’t like running at 5am, I’m always up, but I prefer to wake up slowly, drink some coffee and do some work first.  I wanted to get this one done though, so I put on my big girl panties and did it.
  • Friday I got my butt into the 6am hot yoga class.  My calves had been super tight since my SI issues in the early week and yoga was just what I needed to get things stretched out!  I worked a half day, and then Lori, Rob and I met up for a quality LR.  I always get really antsy about these workouts, especially running them with other people.  My HR was high from the start of this run, which isn’t surprising, I’ve been running a lot and my legs are starting to feel it!  I took the run a km at a time, we did 8k WU, and then 16k @ MP (approx 5:08/km).  I was surprised how quickly the MP km’s clicked by, and how ok they felt.  We were pretty dead on in our pacing, with a range of 5:03-5:09/km splits.  We did a 2 km cool down, and were happy when we saw our cars and were done!  Good workout, and a good confidence builder.
  • I took Saturday off, since it was my daughters 6th birthday!  Sunday, Lori, Rob and I headed out to Bragg Creek for a nice loop on trails.  It was a great day, and the time went by way too fast (as it often does on the trails).    My legs felt surprisingly good considering how much they’ve been working lately.  Sunday afternoon I added a couple of km’s on, just to push my total over 100k, and to get out with my daughter.  She got a bunch of new running clothes for her birthday and was super excited to get out for a run with mommy and daddy!



And now… a cutback week!! 🙂



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