There are no gimmes in marathons

In a way I’m tempted to not publish any goals etc for this race.  The intention going into it was a no-pressure, train hard, but don’t set up big goals, because last spring’s big goal marathon went so far sideways with the hot weather.  Through that cycle, the goal was always to BQ, and to get Lori a BQ.  But that didn’t happen, and the last hour or so of that race was extremely unpleasant.  So for this race, we have trained hard, but all along, the race results have been secondary to a good training cycle, and building a good base for a summer of ultra-training.  I still like to write something out though, I like the time of reflection, to think about what I’ve done, what has worked, what hasn’t and to pull together some thoughts on the weekend.

Goal #1 (non-time based)

I always like to have a non-time based goal, and I think for this race, that goal has already been achieved.  To train hard, to come out of the cycle feeling fit, and uninjured.  There was a brief risk of failure in this goal a few weeks ago when I had a quad issue, but I rested it and took care, and it seems to be resolved.  I also feel really fit.  Right after the days off for the quad strain, I felt like crap, my runs were slow and I felt like I had lost so much fitness, but a few days of quality, and getting back in the groove made such a difference.  It’s funny what a roller coaster running can be, one week we feel on top of the world, like we could go forever, and the next we feel like we’ve never jogged a step in our lives.

Goal #2.

I want to PB this weekend.  My marathon PB is 3:43:56, from the Okanagan marathon in 2014.  I know that I’m in better shape than I was then, AND I ran that marathon with the flu.  This should be a gimme goal, but we all know that in running and especially in marathons, there are no gimmes.

Goal #3.

Sub 3:40.  I think this is also a pretty achievable goal.  Honestly I think given the perfect day, I should be able to run a 3:35.  But again marathons are hard.

In some respects my goals this weekend seem pretty minor and insignificant.  There are people who have much bigger goals and who are making a big difference.  Check out the Team Mito Guinness records that they are attempting to smash!  These people are amazing, and I’m in awe.

Also, I’m fundraising for the Terry Fox Foundation for my marathon, and I’d love it if I could get a few more donations before race day.

People who are struggling with their own illness or that of a child, those are things that put my effort into perspective, it is so minor.  No matter my pace on Sunday, I’m going to enjoy the day, run for those who can’t and appreciate my blessings.  Where are you racing or running this weekend?  Good luck to all my fellow racers in Calgary and elsewhere!


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