Daughters of Distance Review and Giveaway!

Before kids, I was an avid reader, I would frequently plow through a book in a weekend.  I still love to read, but these days it’s hard to find enough time to myself to get very far in a book.  I often pick up a book and will read a few pages, get interrupted, go back to the book days later, and have to start over again.  I discovered Audible a few years ago.  It’s an audio-book subscription service by Amazon.  Since then I’ve been back to plowing through books again, but now I “read” while I run, while I drive or while I work. 

One of my most recent “reads” was a book by Vanessa Runs called Daughters of Distance.  I had listened to her first book, The Summit Seeker, a while ago, and had really enjoyed it, so was eager for her new book.  I’d even started to read the paper copy of her book, but as usual, hadn’t gotten through it because if life’s busyness and distractions.

The audio-book was a great book to listen to on the run, it has a lot of stories about women, the history of them in athletics and endurance sports, along with tons of entertaining, anecdotal stories.

Vanessa explores what it’s like to be a woman in athletics or sport.  She talks about our weaknesses and our strengths.  She explores Feminism, and how our gender impacts us in sport, and goes into the history of women in sport.  She talks about relationships, and how being in sport and endurance affects our relationships.

I’ve never felt like my gender prevented me from doing the things I’ve wanted to do, but I think a lot of women either feel limited, or are in some sense.  I also appreciate the topic, and think it’s important to keep the conversation going, so that we don’t limit our daughters in what they choose to do because of their gender.  As a mom of two daughters, it’s really important to me that they feel empowered and able to pursue their dreams.

If you’d like to listen to Daughters of Distance on Audible, I’ve got two copies to give away!  To be eligible to win, simply comment on this post, let me know what was the last book that you read (or listened to), and if you’d recommend it.  For a bonus entry, go and follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and comment again stating that you did.  Each comment is one entry.  I’ll make the draw on Friday Sept 30th, so that gives you until Thursday the 29th at Midnight to enter.

Disclosure, I was provided with a free copy of this audio-book by Vanessa, but the review was my own, and I’m under no obligation to post a positive one.  Vanessa is an ultra runner, and pretty rad IMO, so give her a follow on Instagram and Facebook.


10 thoughts on “Daughters of Distance Review and Giveaway!

  1. Fit Mom, Strong Mom

    I’m pretty sure the last book I read was “Run Faster” by Hudson. I haven’t read a book for fun in ages. I was a voracious reader like you until I had kids, and I miss it!

  2. The last audio book I read was “A Man Called Ove” and I highly recommend it. The last paper book I read was “The Couple Next Door”. Also, a good one. Lately I have an addiction to mysteries. Now that my girls are older I have time to read an listen to books as I drive them to activities and wait for them. 🙂 I follow on IG, FB and Twitter as well. – Sheila

  3. The last book I read was Bright Flows the River by Taylor Caldwell. My mother-in-law gave it to me to read. I was surprised that she would recommend it! I didn’t really enjoy it but it did give me a lot of think about. I decided I should finish it so that I could tell her I read it. Also, I read it during my down time at work. I rarely read at home any more. An audio book sounds like a great idea!

  4. Carrie

    The last book I read was “Buddha at Bedtime”..to my little boy 🙂 I’d recommend it! And, I can relate..it takes me forever to finish my own books these days!

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