Lost Soul Training Summary

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since Lost Soul already!  I’ve been taking it pretty easy on the running front, and am feeling pretty well recovered.  I’ve wanted to do a post summarizing my training, partly for myself, but also because I’ve had a few people message me asking me questions.  I thought it would be beneficial to write it all out.

Before I get into all of that though, my last post was an audio book review, and I had promised a giveaway.  The winners of that giveaway are: Heather and Carrie, I’ll email you with the coupon code for the book.

I started training after the Calgary Marathon.  I had spent last winter / spring training pretty hard for the marathon, and had a nice base from that.  It wasn’t a trail base though, I’d spent a lot of time focusing on roads and speed so that I would be able to BQ at Calgary (which I did, yay!).

I took two easy after Calgary to recovery properly from the hard marathon.  Two weeks after the marathon I did my first hard trail run, 33k up Moose Mountain and back down (1400 m gain). I had a super sore foot after this run, and it might have been too much too soon.  I took the next week easier and saw my chiropractor.

First time up Prairie Mountain
Week Distance Elevation Notes:
1 26 kms 469 m Recovery
2 75 kms 3179 m Prairie + Moose Mtn = A LOT
3 68 kms 1529 m Easier, 25k long trail run
4 82 kms 2167 m Rundles 25k trail race as training run

July started with the Powderface Marathon on July 2nd.  I was feeling much better by this point, and the marathon went really well.  Lori and I ran it together as a training run.  We both felt great, and it was a good confidence booster going into the month.

I had thought that I would try to incorporate some speed work into my weekly training over the summer.  This did not manifest.  Getting in the volume, the back to back long runs, and strength training was enough.  I wanted to make sure that I did not get injured, so doing any speed work was the first thing that I dropped, as I felt that the other things were priority with the goal race being 100 kms.

After a recovery week from Powderface, Lori and I had planned to do our first long b2b long runs with 40k/21k.  Our 40k run ended up being during a huge thunderstorm.  It rained so hard that the trails were rivers, we were both soaked to the bone and the thunder and lightning was all around us.  We bailed early and only ran 26k.

I was on vacation the next week.  The first week back from vacation I went out to Lethbridge with Rob and Alex on Friday/Saturday.  We had a couple of really good long runs in the coulees.  I had never run on the race course, so it was great to see it, and to experience the crazy steep climbs in person.

Lost Soul Recon
Week Distance Elevation Notes:
1 103 kms 2496 m Powderface Marathon
2 62 kms 1141 m Recovery / cutback week
3 102 kms 1968 m 26k / 24k b2b LR.  Should have been 40k /21k
4 82 kms 1132 m Vacation in Cypress Hills
5 116 kms 2464 m 38 k/32k b2b in Lethbridge on the course

I started August with another cutback week.  After the big weekend in Lethbridge I needed some recovery.  The following week was Ironlegs, a 60k race near Bragg Creek.  I front loaded my km’s and took two rest days immediately before Ironlegs.  I ran the 60k race and a 20k run the next day as my second long weekend b2b of the cycle.  The run the next day was hard, but once I got going it was not as hard as I was anticipating.  I was really happy with this week of training.

After Ironlegs, Lori and I pushed through one more hard week.  We went out to Lethbridge again.  Lori hadn’t been there yet and wanted to see the course, I was happy for another good training run on the course.  We started with a night run on Thursday night.  It had been raining all day, and the trails were wet.  We realized that night how bad it would be if it rained during the course, and why the race does not run on the standard race course if it does rain.  The night run was fun, and good practice running with our headlamps.  I almost stepped on a porcupine, but other than that it went smoothly. The next morning we did a nice longish run of 30 kms.  Between the two days we’d run all the public land trails that we could (16k of the course is on private land).  After this week, it was officially taper time!

Lori and I usually meet and run together once mid-week, and strength train afterwards.  We tried for the weeks leading up to the race to do hill repeats during our mid-week run.  We were trying to get more specific to the race conditions as we got closer to race day.

Without a doubt, the funniest picture of the summer, What are you doing Lori??
Week Distance Elevation Notes:
1 63 kms 2299 m Recovery week
2 117 kms 3807 m Ironlegs race / 20k b2b
3 87 kms 1936 m Lethbridge with Lori
4 74 kms 1410 m Taper week 1, hills for quality

My hubby was away for 5 days during the first week of September.  Luckily my MIL and parents are awesome, and I was tapering, so still got in the runs I needed.  The night before my hubby left, Lori and I did one last hill workout.  It was the hardest of our hill workouts, and the most specific.  We ran a hill in Edworthy called Big Bastard 10x’s.  It was a 12k run total with 567 m’s of gain.  Everything after that workout was easy, and just keeping the legs fresh.  I was tapering hard as I like to do.

Week Distance Elevation Notes:
1 47 kms 1191 m Taper week 2 (big bastard week)
2 106 kms 2659 m Race week!!
3 0 kms 0 m Recovery
4 34 kms 680 m Recovery

If you haven’t read my race recap, you can find it here.


During this training cycle, I kept my Strength training up 1x/week.  I would have liked to have done 2x’s but with the longer volume running weeks, I just didn’t have time.  I also went to hot yoga most weeks.  I was worried that it might be hot for the race, I had heard that hot yoga is good heat training.  It’s also good for strength and flexibility.  I did not bike or cross train at all.

All in all, I was really happy with my training.  I liked the volume, the number of back to back runs was good without crushing me.  I’m hoping to do Lost Soul again next year, and will probably template my training from this past summer.  I’m a big proponent of adaptive training, and don’t like to write up a plan ahead of time.  I pencil in my peak weeks, and cutbacks, and everything else falls in line as I go.  It’s good to be flexible, you never know when you’re going to need a little more recovery, or when life is going to get in the way of your plans.  I’ve made a lot of growth in this area, it wasn’t long ago that I wanted a strict 16 week training plan for every race, that I ran every planned run to the T no matter what.  I now believe that sticking to plans strictly like that is not as effective, and can lead to injury or burnout because you aren’t listening to your body.

If you ever have any questions about my training, feel free to ask via FB, Instagram, email, etc.  I love to talk running and training and am happy to share!





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