Hey 2016, I think you were pretty great!

I think there are a lot of people who are happily giving 2016 a big ole shove out the door this weekend.  While I am saddened by all the celebrity deaths, especially Carrie Fisher this week, personally, I had a really good year, and want to celebrate it.  So here goes, I’ve got 12 13 photo’s for you, with 12 13 highlights through the year.


The year started pretty great, there was a lot of snow, and I got out a lot to cross country ski and trail run.


Then spring came in February!  #shirtlessfebruary became a thing.


March included a vacation to Hawaii!


And in April my oldest daughter turned 6, and joined Sogo, and adventure running club.


Lori and I peaked in our training for the Calgary Marathon in May, another marathon cycle completed successfully!

AND May gets two, because on May 29th, we both BQ’ed at the Calgary Marathon!


AND then trail season started, which was the best thing ever!


We ran our first trail race of the year on July 2nd, the Powderface Marathon.  It was the first of many races this year where we just.had.fun.



August was spent training for Lost Soul, there were trips to Lethbridge to train in the coulees, and we ran the Iron Legs 60k.  So many trails.  And the best picture of Lori and I this year.


Lost Soul Ultra 100k!


In October we ran 50k for fun, with beer and shooters in the middle.


In November Lori and I along with our hubbies went on a runcation to California.  We had a blast drinking beer and ran a trail race.


December got cold in a hurry, but we still got out and got in some awesome runs.

Here are some highlights by the numbers:

New PR’s, 2, marathon and half (3:38:39 and 1:39:47 respectively)

New longest race distance, 100k at Lost Soul Ultra!

Most running in a year, the year isn’t over yet, but as of today I’m at 3639 kms.

Most elevation in a year, as of today 59704 m’s.

All of this makes me excited to see what 2017 will bring!



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