Training Update, injury addition

Hey, so now that I’m running again, I thought I’d do an update on how I’ve been training over the last couple months.  I know for some runners, it’s running or nothing, but I would have lost my mind if I wouldn’t have had other activities to fall back on.  

Over the winter, a typical running week has consisted of between 8-12 hours of workouts, with 60-80 km’s of running, and the rest of the time filled up with some strength training and yoga.  I haven’t been doing very much cardio style cross training.  That changed in a hurry.  Here are the basic activities that I switched to:

Cycling:  I have a trainer for my bike set up in the basement.  I bought a membership to TrainerRoad, which is an app that you can load on  your phone, and connect via bluetooth to your bike.  It registers speed and cadence, and after a test, it will design a plan with specific workouts, and target intensities.  I biked at least 4 days most weeks, and even worked my way up to a long ride of 2.5 hrs.  I really like TrainerRoad, and am still using it as a crosstraining activity.

Cross Country Skiing:  One of my favorite things about running is getting outside, especially in the winter.  It really feeds my soul to spend time outside.  I used Cross Country skiing for this outlet.  I did have to be careful though, hilly trails seemed to tighten up the muscles around my ankle.

Pool Running:  One of the first things I did after I was injured, and once I had reconciled myself to taking more than a day or two off, was to buy a waterproof iPod.  This was a lifesaver in the pool.  A lot of people complain about how boring pool running is, but I have to admit, I don’t mind it, and might actually enjoy it a little.  It’s relaxing to be in the water, and with my iPod loaded with podcasts, an hour would fly by.  I’m still pool running as I ease back into running, and will probably continue to pool run once a week for the next while.

Yoga:  I have been fairly consistently practicing yoga at least once a week for a long time.  I find it compliments my running really well.  I continued with yoga at least once a week, and over the last month or so, once I was healing, I’ve been trying to get to a yoga class twice a week.  I’m also going to continue this whenever possible.

Strength Training:  Lori and I have been strength training together once a week for the last 5-6 years, through pregnancies, babies, and everything else life throws at us.  I love this guaranteed strength session.  I do try to get in at least one other session in per week, and tried to make this a priority throughout my recovery.  I’ve also been spending more time on the functional/mobility/core type strength work.

Every week was a bit different, but I tried to mimic a running schedule as best I could.  I alternated easy/hard days, built in some longer endurance type days, some quality tempo type days, and most weeks had one dedicated rest day.  I also gave myself cutback weeks every 3-4 weeks where I aimed for less than 8 hrs of combined workouts.  Most of my weeks ranged in the 12-14 hr time frame.  I also tracked my HR during almost all my activities, so that I could get a proper TSS (Training Stress Score) from Training Peaks.  This helped to ease my crazy a bit, as I could see that even Training Peaks thought that I was maintaining, or even improving my fitness.

Here are the official numbers (because I like numbers):

Weeks without running: 7 (I ran on the Sunday of week 7)

Bike Distance: 971 km’s

Ski Distance: 44.64 km’s

Time Pool Running: 17:20 hrs

I feel like I did a good job of maintaining my fitness.  My running has been slow, and my heartrate is much higher than it was pre-injury, but cardiovascularly I feel good.  I’m also hopeful that my running fitness will rebound quickly because of all the cross training that I’ve been doing.  I’ll definitely do another update in a month or so, with the results.


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