Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s…

Way back in the spring, just a few weeks after the Calgary Marathon, on a random early morning trail run, I suddenly had a bout of dizziness that had me nearly falling down into the bushes.  This bout of dizziness would become almost 6 weeks of vertigo.  This wasn’t my first experience with vertigo, I’d had it a few times in the past, it’s caused by calcium crystals dislodging in the ear drum and floating around, causing havoc with the little hairs and balance in the ear drum.  Clearly I’m no doctor, and this is a very simple, amateur explanation.   Continue reading “Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s…”

How does your garden grow?

I’ve been planting a garden for a few years now, but it’s always been a struggle to reap much of a harvest from it.  Between the kids, dogs, and my horrible weeding habits, it’s been very hit or miss.  This year, things have changed! Last fall, my dad helped me build two more garden boxes to finish off the terrace of boxes in the west end of my yard.  Then this spring, he and I built a fence to block the garden from the rest of the yard.  Finally I can keep the vegi’s safe from unwanted attention from both the kids and dogs! Continue reading “How does your garden grow?”

Rest IS Training

Sometimes I think we get too focused on GO GO GO, PUSH PUSH PUSH, and forget that we need to step back and let our bodies absorb and recover.  In the endurance world there are a lot of different personalities, but many of us are highly motivated, ‘Type A’, type personalities that feel better when we are going, who enjoy pushing ourselves, and don’t just sit and be still very often.  I definitely fall into this camp.

Continue reading “Rest IS Training”

Heart Rate Variability, a new number to geek out over…

I have a new tool toy to geek out on in my running arsenal!  I’ve been listening to a few podcasts, and reading articles on HRV, or Heart Rate Variability.  I had never even heard of HRV until a month or so ago, but in the reading I’ve done, it sounds like an awesome tool to use in my training.   Continue reading “Heart Rate Variability, a new number to geek out over…”