MEC Race #7 Recap

MEC (or Mountain Equipment Co-op for my American friends) puts on a series of races in most major Canadian cities, they are in expensive, no frills races, and until this weekend, I had yet to run one.  I’d been eyeing them for a while as I’d heard that they are good races, well organized, and of course cheap.  Until this weekend, it had never really worked out, I’d always had family commitments, been training for a different race, or had a big trail run planned.  This past weekend, finally the stars aligned, it was their last race of the season, and there was a race on, it consisted of a 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon.  I knew I didn’t want to race a marathon, and ever since the spring when I was forced to DNS for the Calgary Police Half, I’d been itching to race a half and see if I could PR.  I waited until the last minute to register so that I could check the forecast and make sure there wasn’t a blizzard or heat wave forecasted, this is Calgary after all!

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Powderface 42 Half Marathon Race Report

This past Saturday morning Lori and I ran the Powderface 42 Half Marathon.  We registered for this race a few months ago, right when registration opened.  We had heard that it should be a good race, and that it filled up quickly, so we signed up as soon as registration opened.  At the time I don’t think the exact course map was posted, or we weren’t aware of what the exact course would be.  Last summer we did a run starting from the Powderface parking lot on the Powderface ridge trail, it was a really hard run, with a lot of really steep climbing in the first half.  This is what we thought we were signing up for, and we were a little afraid. Continue reading “Powderface 42 Half Marathon Race Report”

Calgary Police Half Marathon Race Report

I’ll start this race report back on Monday/Tuesday of last week. I had just come off of a 95 km week with a 32 km (20 mile) long run the week before. Olivia had come down with a cold last week also, and sure enough I started to feel like I was getting it also. It seemed pretty minor at the time, just a bit of a stuffy head, and Olivia had gotten over it pretty quick, so I didn’t worry too much. Continue reading “Calgary Police Half Marathon Race Report”

Thinking ahead to 2015…

I’ve been waiting to write this post because I had handed over control on our spring marathon selection to Lori. I’m not very good at handing control over for ANYTHING, so it was killing me to not be able to start to plan and figure out my schedule for next year. It was only fair though that she get control over the race selection. I had picked the Okanagan marathon for this past fall, and she had paced me and just gone with the flow for my BQ marathon. Now it’s Lori that is trying to BQ (she needs a sub 3:40), so I’m planning on doing whatever I can to support her in that effort! Continue reading “Thinking ahead to 2015…”

What I’ve learned so far: Injury Edition

One of my greatest victories of 2013 was making it through *mostly* injury free.  (I did have a slight tweak in my left Achilles/calf just before the marathon, that caused me to cut my taper mileage and see my chiro).  In the past, anytime that I’ve gotten my mileage up, I’ve ended up injured.  When I look back on those injuries, I think to myself – “DUH… no wonder I got injured”.  When I think back to when I first started running, it’s actually comical, how little I knew.  Now, please do not interpret that as me laughing, or making light of anyone with less experience.  I do hope though, that maybe by sharing some of the hard lessons I’ve learned, maybe I can save a few people from learning things the hard way, from the sidelines. Continue reading “What I’ve learned so far: Injury Edition”