What fuels me…

When running these long endurance races (marathon’s and longer), you really need to consume calories as you run, it’s a necessary evil.  Maybe some people don’t see it as an evil, but in general, I really don’t enjoy most of the fuels that are out there.  I’m not a sugar person, and in general they are sickly sweet and I usually tire of them long before the race is done.  I wanted to summarize what I’ve tried over the years, and what I’ve settled on, and why. Continue reading “What fuels me…”

2016, taking risks, being prepared for failure

In my running and my life I like to be in control, I like to plan things, and to know what is over the horizon.  I don’t enjoy surprises (don’t ever plan a surprise party for me, k?)  This translates to my running life as well, and for the most part it’s a good thing.  I pick races that I know I can finish, goals that are attainable.  I think this is fairly normal, we all like to succeed, to feel good about our accomplishments, failure sucks and makes us feel bad, so we avoid it at all costs. Continue reading “2016, taking risks, being prepared for failure”

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Surfers Point Marathon; the marathon I didn’t train for.

I ran a marathon this past weekend that I didn’t train for.  Ok, YES, I know, I’ve been running  a crap-ton all summer.  So you’re probably wondering, how could this be defined as NOT training.  Yes, I’ve been training, I trained all summer for the Grizzly 50k, but I did not train for this marathon.  Same thing/close enough/ etc?  Right?  Perhaps, and I wondered going in if the two might be close enough.  After all, I’ve been working my tail off to get in pretty good shape this summer, and I think I AM in pretty good shape, in many ways, the best shape of my life.  So I thought an experiment was in order, I ran my PB (Personal-Best) marathon last fall, after training really hard for that marathon, and doing all the typical runs and volume building that a typical marathon training plan has in it.  I ended up having the flu on race day, I woke up with a fever, popped some drugs and ran the race anyway.  I felt pretty horrible during the race, but I survived, and ended with a pretty damn good time, one that I would have been happy with on a healthy day.  So this fall after the Grizzly 50k, I wondered to myself, could I run a marathon as fast, could I run faster?  I feel stronger, I know I’m stronger, but how will that translate in a race?  So what better to do than to put myself to the test, right? Right… (Note: it was a very painful test, next time I’m finding someone else to actually RUN the test ;) )

Continue reading “Surfers Point Marathon; the marathon I didn’t train for.”


I’m an Ultra Marathoner! Grizzly 50k Race Report.

Both Lori and I have been training for and anticipating this race all summer.  Since the unpleasant horribly hot Windermere marathon, we’ve been running a lot of trails, really enjoying every minute of it, finding the joy in running.  That’s been my goal and my mantra all summer – running is supposed to be fun, so if I’m not having fun, I need to change something.  Going into this race I had already succeeded, the race was just the icing on the cake, I had run so many amazing runs, and had really enjoyed the training. Continue reading “I’m an Ultra Marathoner! Grizzly 50k Race Report.”