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Surfers Point Marathon; the marathon I didn’t train for.

I ran a marathon this past weekend that I didn’t train for.  Ok, YES, I know, I’ve been running  a crap-ton all summer.  So you’re probably wondering, how could this be defined as NOT training.  Yes, I’ve been training, I trained all summer for the Grizzly 50k, but I did not train for this marathon.  Same thing/close enough/ etc?  Right?  Perhaps, and I wondered going in if the two might be close enough.  After all, I’ve been working my tail off to get in pretty good shape this summer, and I think I AM in pretty good shape, in many ways, the best shape of my life.  So I thought an experiment was in order, I ran my PB (Personal-Best) marathon last fall, after training really hard for that marathon, and doing all the typical runs and volume building that a typical marathon training plan has in it.  I ended up having the flu on race day, I woke up with a fever, popped some drugs and ran the race anyway.  I felt pretty horrible during the race, but I survived, and ended with a pretty damn good time, one that I would have been happy with on a healthy day.  So this fall after the Grizzly 50k, I wondered to myself, could I run a marathon as fast, could I run faster?  I feel stronger, I know I’m stronger, but how will that translate in a race?  So what better to do than to put myself to the test, right? Right… (Note: it was a very painful test, next time I’m finding someone else to actually RUN the test ;) )

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I’m an Ultra Marathoner! Grizzly 50k Race Report.

Both Lori and I have been training for and anticipating this race all summer.  Since the unpleasant horribly hot Windermere marathon, we’ve been running a lot of trails, really enjoying every minute of it, finding the joy in running.  That’s been my goal and my mantra all summer – running is supposed to be fun, so if I’m not having fun, I need to change something.  Going into this race I had already succeeded, the race was just the icing on the cake, I had run so many amazing runs, and had really enjoyed the training. Continue reading “I’m an Ultra Marathoner! Grizzly 50k Race Report.”

Training update…

Here we are at a day that I didn’t think would ever come, and one that now that it’s here I have really mixed feelings, part of me is very hopeful and excited, but I also am focused on other things and excited about them. I ran my first marathon in 2005, my time was 4:27:49, I was injured through a lot of the training and when I finished I thought I had checked off “Run a marathon” from my bucket list, time to move on to other life goals.

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#brightside Moose Mountain Race Report

I like to think of myself as a pretty positive, upbeat person.  Obviously there are times, and things that get me down, but especially when it comes to activities like running that I do by choice, I really try to maintain my positive attitude, and I honestly think it makes a huge difference in how I perform, and in how much I enjoy races and training runs.  I’m very thankful that Lori has the same sort of attitude, even when a run totally sucks we are always joking around and looking for the #brightside.   Continue reading “#brightside Moose Mountain Race Report”


Powderface 42 Half Marathon Race Report

This past Saturday morning Lori and I ran the Powderface 42 Half Marathon.  We registered for this race a few months ago, right when registration opened.  We had heard that it should be a good race, and that it filled up quickly, so we signed up as soon as registration opened.  At the time I don’t think the exact course map was posted, or we weren’t aware of what the exact course would be.  Last summer we did a run starting from the Powderface parking lot on the Powderface ridge trail, it was a really hard run, with a lot of really steep climbing in the first half.  This is what we thought we were signing up for, and we were a little afraid. Continue reading “Powderface 42 Half Marathon Race Report”