Posted by: ttoffelmire | August 23, 2015

#brightside Moose Mountain Race Report

I like to think of myself as a pretty positive, upbeat person.  Obviously there are times, and things that get me down, but especially when it comes to activities like running that I do by choice, I really try to maintain my positive attitude, and I honestly think it makes a huge difference in how I perform, and in how much I enjoy races and training runs.  I’m very thankful that Lori has the same sort of attitude, even when a run totally sucks we are always joking around and looking for the #brightside.   Read More…

Posted by: ttoffelmire | July 7, 2015

Powderface 42 Half Marathon Race Report

This past Saturday morning Lori and I ran the Powderface 42 Half Marathon.  We registered for this race a few months ago, right when registration opened.  We had heard that it should be a good race, and that it filled up quickly, so we signed up as soon as registration opened.  At the time I don’t think the exact course map was posted, or we weren’t aware of what the exact course would be.  Last summer we did a run starting from the Powderface parking lot on the Powderface ridge trail, it was a really hard run, with a lot of really steep climbing in the first half.  This is what we thought we were signing up for, and we were a little afraid. Read More…

Posted by: ttoffelmire | July 2, 2015

Building a Strength Routine

For the past 3 years or more, I’ve been reliably fitting strength training into my schedule at least once a week.  Ideally, I try to strength train twice a week, and do yoga once.  Sometimes the second strength workout and/or the yoga slip, but I’ve been very reliably getting one workout in, and I do think that it has made a huge difference in how durable a runner I am.  Read More…

As I posted in my last post, going into the race the forecast was HOT.  We knew this going in, and perhaps should have adjusted our goals, but both Lori and I were really hoping that she could still BQ, and really had no idea how the heat would affect either of us.   Read More…

Posted by: ttoffelmire | June 3, 2015

Windermere Marathon Goals

Well, well, well, where to start. The last week has been a whirlwind, mostly involving checking the forecast.  It all began about 3 weeks ago, when I started looking at the long range forecast, because, that’s what you do when you’re tapering, #amiright? Well at first I saw some higher temps, but brushed them off thinking, meh, it’ll change, what do those weather guys know anyway?? Read More…

Posted by: ttoffelmire | May 7, 2015

Adaptive Training

For this marathon cycle I’ve been following the principles and loosely following a marathon plan from Brad Hudson’s book Run Faster.  One of what I consider his foundation principles is Adaptive Training.  Basically it means that every training plan must adapt for each athlete.

Read More…

Posted by: ttoffelmire | April 27, 2015

Calgary Police Half Marathon Race Report

I’ll start this race report back on Monday/Tuesday of last week. I had just come off of a 95 km week with a 32 km (20 mile) long run the week before. Olivia had come down with a cold last week also, and sure enough I started to feel like I was getting it also. It seemed pretty minor at the time, just a bit of a stuffy head, and Olivia had gotten over it pretty quick, so I didn’t worry too much. Read More…

Posted by: ttoffelmire | April 24, 2015

Marathon Training update, and a Race this weekend!!

Seeing as it’s been a month (Where does the time go?!!) since I last posted, I thought I was due for an update.  I’ve been running, running and running some more!   Read More…

Posted by: ttoffelmire | March 23, 2015


This past week I achieved something in running that a few years ago I would have said was not possible for my body.  I ran further than I ever have in a full week.  92.3 km’s to be exact.  The greatest victory in this is that I felt good, and today, I still feel good.  Read More…

Posted by: ttoffelmire | March 14, 2015

Hemphearts Winner and a Training update!

It’s been AGES since I’ve done a true training update, so I thought I’d combine posting the winner of my Hemphearts draw with a training update.  First the winner, and then an update! Read More…

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