Running for a good cause…

I used to run the Calgary Underwear Affair every year.  It was the race where I got to dress up in my underwear, and run 10k for a good cause. It’s especially fun when you’re pregnant 🙂me

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What fuels me…

When running these long endurance races (marathon’s and longer), you really need to consume calories as you run, it’s a necessary evil.  Maybe some people don’t see it as an evil, but in general, I really don’t enjoy most of the fuels that are out there.  I’m not a sugar person, and in general they are sickly sweet and I usually tire of them long before the race is done.  I wanted to summarize what I’ve tried over the years, and what I’ve settled on, and why. Continue reading “What fuels me…”

2016, taking risks, being prepared for failure

In my running and my life I like to be in control, I like to plan things, and to know what is over the horizon.  I don’t enjoy surprises (don’t ever plan a surprise party for me, k?)  This translates to my running life as well, and for the most part it’s a good thing.  I pick races that I know I can finish, goals that are attainable.  I think this is fairly normal, we all like to succeed, to feel good about our accomplishments, failure sucks and makes us feel bad, so we avoid it at all costs. Continue reading “2016, taking risks, being prepared for failure”