Listening on the Run!

FACT: When running 80 + km’s per week training for a marathon you spend a lot of time running. About half of that time I generally am running with my awesome running partner, Lori, and she is responsible for entertaining me. Luckily she’s pretty chatty and entertaining! What do I do for the other 4 ish hours a week of running? Usually I’m listening to either podcasts or audiobooks. I used to listen to music, but found that it got repetitive, and I really suck at changing up my playlists. Ever since I’ve started listening to podcasts and audiobooks, I have grown to prefer them over music. Continue reading “Listening on the Run!”


Mental Toughness

I was listening to a podcast on my run this morning from Trail Runner Nation on Mental toughness.  It got me thinking a bit…. this is one of the aspects of running that I’m actually pretty good at, and it spurred me to think about why.  I also had a huge compliment this week when a friend said that she often thinks of me when she’s pushing through a hard workout. Continue reading “Mental Toughness”

Lori’s Calgary Marathon Race Report!

I was chatting with Lori (and by chatting I mean texting… 🙂 ) last week, and she was saying that she hadn’t decided whether to write a race report or not.  I told her she totally should!  First of all I love race reports, love reading them, and I like writing them.  It feels good after a race to reflect on your training, the race, the experience, all of it.  So she did, and when she sent it to me, it made me cry!!  If you know me, I’m a bit like a robot and rarely cry, but her report is awesome, and she agreed that I could post it here!  Soooo, get some Kleenex, and read on! Continue reading “Lori’s Calgary Marathon Race Report!”

The Underwear Affair Winners, and Race Report!!

First of all I want to thank EVERYONE who donated!!  I raised over $600 (and our team over $3000!!!), and really appreciate every donation!  Next I will announce the winners of the prizes.  I’m going to let the winners pick their prizes in the order they were drawn, so here are the winners, if you’re on the list, I’ll email you once the people above you have picked and let you know what’s left… Continue reading “The Underwear Affair Winners, and Race Report!!”

Calgary Marathon Race Report!

Here it is!  My official recap, and race report from the Calgary Marathon.  Spoiler Alert – it was awesome!! 🙂  I enjoyed every part of this race, the training, being a ForeRunner, all the weekend events, and of course the race itself went really well.  It’s also long, so get a snack and a drink before you sit down to read it 🙂 Continue reading “Calgary Marathon Race Report!”