How does your garden grow?

I’ve been planting a garden for a few years now, but it’s always been a struggle to reap much of a harvest from it.  Between the kids, dogs, and my horrible weeding habits, it’s been very hit or miss.  This year, things have changed! Last fall, my dad helped me build two more garden boxes to finish off the terrace of boxes in the west end of my yard.  Then this spring, he and I built a fence to block the garden from the rest of the yard.  Finally I can keep the vegi’s safe from unwanted attention from both the kids and dogs! Continue reading “How does your garden grow?”

My baby is 3!!!

My youngest daughter Olivia turned 3 this past weekend.  She is my very charming, opinionated, loving and spunky one.  She also loves all things pink, or rather is obsessed with all things pink.  Olivia also loves puppies.  So when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday cake, she requested a pink puppy, or rather a toy pink puppy.   Continue reading “My baby is 3!!!”

Freezer Meal Swap Night! AND a Giveaway :)

In the past I’ve done all my freezer meal creation on my own, but a couple friends and I have been talking for a while about getting together to do a meal swap.  Lindsay had her second baby last year and is due to head back to work in a week, so she was eager to get some meals in the freezer to get ready for the busyness of working full time and having two kiddo’s at home.  Laura is just a couple weeks from her due date with her second baby and is equally eager to get some meals in the freezer in anticipation of the craziness of having a newborn at home (plus her VERY active almost 2 year old).  We decided to each bring the ingredients for 4 meals (x 3 batches), which would be 36 meals in total (12 each to bring home).  Not only would we go home with 12 meals, but we’d get to try out some new recipes – WIN-WIN! Continue reading “Freezer Meal Swap Night! AND a Giveaway :)”

The making of The Wizard of Oz cake

We celebrated my oldest daughter’s birthday yesterday.  It’s hard to believe that she is turning 4 this week!!  It’s been a tradition for me to make and decorate a cake for my kids.  Last year Maiya was completely obsessed with the Big Bad Wolf, and I made a Big Bad Wolf cake, with Little Piggie cupcakes.  It was my first effort at a fancy, decorated type cake, and it came out really well I think.  This year when I asked Maiya what she anted, she was at first still very obsessed with the Big Bad Wolf and was still stuck on that topic, but just in the last few weeks, she’s seen and fallen in love with The Wizard of Oz.  Continue reading “The making of The Wizard of Oz cake”

The Evolution of a Mother-Runner

I’m often asked how I have time for running or how my running has changed since I’ve had kids. I always tell people that having kids has made running more important and more of a priority for me. It might seem backwards that I run more now than ever because I have less time now than before kids. Why is running more important than ever, some thoughts and some practical tips: Continue reading “The Evolution of a Mother-Runner”