MAF Training, and the best Husband out there!

I’ve been back out running for one week now post marathon, and I’m feeling pretty good.  Both Lori and I have decided to do some MAF training post marathon.  What is MAF training?  And why?  I’ll explain both in this post. Continue reading “MAF Training, and the best Husband out there!”

1 week off Running, why I don’t Streak…

Today is 1 week post marathon, and it’s also been a full week off running.  I know that a lot of people have no problem sitting back and relaxing for a week, but there are also some of us who get caught up in it all.  I know myself and I definitely get caught up in things, I get stuck on the numbers and logging the miles.  I think it’s important to take a step back every once in a while and take both a physical and a mental break from it all.  After the Calgary marathon last spring, I really didn’t take any time off.  The day after the marathon I was on my bike, and within a couple days I was back out running.   Continue reading “1 week off Running, why I don’t Streak…”

Stubborness is my Superpower (my Okanagan Marathon Race Report)

We all have some sort of superpower don’t we?  Something that we are really good at.  My daughter Maiya has an amazing imagination, not just a typical 4 year old imagination, but a super fantastic, amazing imagination.  One of my friend’s sons’ superpower is empathy, he feels really deeply for others.  Well mine is stubbornness.  Is this a good quality?  Well, it worked out in my favor this past weekend… Continue reading “Stubborness is my Superpower (my Okanagan Marathon Race Report)”