The Evolution of a Mother-Runner

I’m often asked how I have time for running or how my running has changed since I’ve had kids. I always tell people that having kids has made running more important and more of a priority for me. It might seem backwards that I run more now than ever because I have less time now than before kids. Why is running more important than ever, some thoughts and some practical tips: Continue reading “The Evolution of a Mother-Runner”

Blog-a-versary, a favorite thing, and a long run

I had a notification from WordPress when I logged in tonight that it was one year ago yesterday that I started this blog!  Hard to believe, and almost equally hard to believe that I’ve stayed reasonably consistent posting for a whole year!  It’s been quite a year, starting with my running just coming around post baby Olivia.  The first posts accounted a lot of mine and Lori’s first run’s postpartum.  It’s interesting that a year ago I was debating running 5 vs 6 days a week!  I’ve been running 6 days a week for the last few weeks to try to bump my mileage up again. Continue reading “Blog-a-versary, a favorite thing, and a long run”

What I’ve Learned So Far: Hills Edition

Lori and I are just finishing up a 4 week Hill focused module from the Greg McMillan, You (Only Faster) book.  It’s been a great month, and I think we came off the month before (a speed module) needing something easier, or if not easier, less hard on our bodies.  It’s also is timing itself well to get us started on our 12 week marathon plan feeling speedy and strong.  Here are the workout’s that we’ve done this past month, and how they’ve progressed, plus a bit of general information on hill training. Continue reading “What I’ve Learned So Far: Hills Edition”

My Favorite Things, and a chance to share them!

So every year I do one race that involves raising money.  This is something that always feels a bit awkward, I don’t like pestering people for their hard earned money.  But I still do it, every year.  Why?  Because it’s a GREAT cause, and it is absolutely worth my feeling a bit uncomfortable while supporting it.  Plus, it’s such a FUN race, that I love doing it!!  It is called The Underwear Affair, and it raises money for finding a cure for cancer’s below the waist.  Everyone dresses up in some of the best costumes ever (their underwear) and they go walk or run 5 or 10 km’s.  If you are local to Calgary, you really should check out this race! Continue reading “My Favorite Things, and a chance to share them!”

Sunday Runday, a Soup recipe, and finding time to blog…

It seems as if it’s been FOREVER since I’ve blogged… and I guess that’s because it has been.  I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who do a great job of writing nearly every day, or at least a few times a week.  The question was asked in a group of bloggers I’m a part of last week, “How do you schedule, or plan out your blog posts?”  Well the truth is, I really don’t.  I write when I have time, and when something inspires me.  I’d love to write more, but I have a lot of things in my life that trump blogging; family, work, running…. just to name a few.  I do love sharing my journey though, and have really enjoyed what this blog has become, so I’ll continue to write when I can.  Continue reading “Sunday Runday, a Soup recipe, and finding time to blog…”