A Day in the Life of Lori and Terry’s Strength Training

Lori (my running partner) and I have been pretty dedicated to strength training for a while now.  We each aim to lift weights twice a week if possible, and most weeks we strength train together once a week.  I think that this is one of the BIG reasons that I haven’t had any significant injuries since my DNF at the 2011 Calgary Marathon, despite running more than ever before.  I wanted to do a few blog posts summarizing the kinds of things we do.  Here’s the workout we did last night: Continue reading “A Day in the Life of Lori and Terry’s Strength Training”

How to choose a Running Partner… My Version

I know that I talk about my Running Partner, Lori, here quite a bit.  That’s because she and my running are completely and utterly intertwined.  Most weeks we run at least two of our runs together, plus we try to hit the gym for some strength training as often as we can.  I was browsing the RunnersWorld webpage today and came across THIS article on finding the right running partner, and I thought I’d give you my version. Continue reading “How to choose a Running Partner… My Version”

Warm weather, Marathon training is on AND I’ve got a cold!!

How is it even possible that FINALLY it’s warmed up, plus this is Week 1 of our 12 week marathon training cycle, and I’ve caught a cold from my daughter!?!  I guess it’s lucky that it is week 1, that I still have 11 weeks after this week, and that my body is really rested at this point, so any running that I am doing isn’t super taxing on my legs, but still it seems like there is a tiny little bit of injustice here.   Continue reading “Warm weather, Marathon training is on AND I’ve got a cold!!”

The last (Oh please, Oh please!!!) of Winter running…

When I looked at my schedule for this week and last week when my running partner first sent it to me, it said in bold letters “Mexico”, well wooohooo, that sounds great! 🙂  Unfortunately for me, that was Lori’s plan for these two weeks, my life has been a bit more hectic and less relaxed than a beach vacation. Continue reading “The last (Oh please, Oh please!!!) of Winter running…”