Lost Soul 100k Pre-race Obligatory Post

T-2 Days… That’s a scary thought.  But I suppose that was sort of the point.  My goal this year was to set big goals, to take a risk and sign up for something big.  Now that I’m here, it seems like that was an incredibly stupid idea <<Kidding… mostly>>.  

For those of you who haven’t been following, I’m running my third Ultra, the Lost Soul 100k this Friday (FRIDAY!!).  I’ve been training really hard all summer, and I don’t possibly think I could have done more to be better prepared.  A quick summary by the numbers (not because I think you care, but because it makes me feel better):

June: Ran 295 km’s (recovered from my BQ at the Calgary Marathon)

July: Ran 414 km’s (most I’ve ever run in a month) which included a 70 km’s weekend on the race course, plus logged 8496 m’s of climbing.

August: Ran 353 km’s including a 60k race and a 20 k second LR for a 80k b2b weekend, plus logged over 10000 m’s of climbing.

I know that I will finish this race, I’m certain of that (you know, barring injury or death).  I’ll be honest, I do like the hurt, mostly, but it still scares me.

A shout out to Kristina, it was your race last year that inspired me to register this year.  I’ve read your race report a few times, and went back and read it again today.  It gives me hope that I am more prepared than I think, and that I can finish strong, just like you did!  Thanks!

All of this said, here are my goals for Friday.

  • Enjoy it.   Thank the volunteers.
  • Be present.
  • Race Smart.
  • Push myself. Suck it up when things get hard.  Move forward.
  • Be grateful

See you all on the flipside… you can follow along on Instagram or Facebook if you want to see the results shortly after the race.



4 thoughts on “Lost Soul 100k Pre-race Obligatory Post

  1. Scott

    Have a great time out there. Enjoy the day. When the going gets tough (as it does in ultra’s), know that your running community is cheering you on!!

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